Sunday, January 30, 2011

Bad Decision...

I made a terrible decision yesterday.  I decided to eat some chicken.  Never again!!! 

There are a lot of reasons why I don't eat meat anymore.  First and foremost, it makes me sick.  Meat has really disagreed with me for a few years now, especially red meat.  When I was pregnant this past spring, it was clear that meat had to go!  We were already researching raw foods and eliminating dairy and soy from our diets, but I wasn't yet convinced that we had to be completely meat free.  Once I was 'detoxed' from dairy, the meat situation was even worse....and I really didn't eat it that much anyway, so we decided to get rid of it.  It wasn't a big deal for me or my daughter at all, she never liked it from the start.  My husband had a harder time with it and he does still eat flesh products sometimes, though admittedly feels better when he doesn't allow himself to eat it.  The more I researched, the more I came to find that eating this stuff was not at all good for us!  I have PCOS, and meat, especially the way we eat it in this country, is really bad for your hormones.  More than one book suggested that anyone with hormone imbalances should not have meat in their diet.  At the time I was unaware that I also have Celiac Disease so I was trying to take care of the hormones more than anything else.  It also made sense to me the explanation in many a book about how the body processes protein and that meat products actually hinder the body's ability to get this protein as well as assist in leaching calcium from our bones.  I don't need that.  I want adequate protein and calcium and I don't want to feel sick, sluggish and just plain BLAH all the time.  I'd also like to keep my daughter from ever having to deal with PCOS.  Meat free is definitely the best way to go for us!  So, why did I make this terrible decision to eat chicken yesterday???  Well...

I am breastfeeding my 3 month old son, chasing my very active toddler lady around and trying to keep up with the house, the dog and my husband~ nothing out of the ordinary!  However, I have been a bottomless pit when it comes to food!  My son eats all day and still gets up to eat every 2 hours at night (though he did randomly sleep for 6 hours the other night and that was a wonderful blessing!)  The kids rarely take a nap at the same time so I also can't sleep during the day.  Other than being really hungry and pretty exhausted, I feel great! However, I would really, really like to have the energy to exercise beyond my activities of daily living as I have yet to do more than pilates here and there.  So these little thoughts entered my head and kept nagging me!  "Should I be eating chicken or something?"  "Am I missing something in my diet?"  "Is it possible that I really do need meat?"  *sigh*  We are still new to the plant-based style of eating and our society suggests that it is nutritionally inadequate.  I know better, I have done and continue to do my research.....but constantly having to explain and defend our food lifestyle to others leaves me sometimes doing the same to myself!  I find myself always reassuring my choices and going 'back to the books' in order to answer the questions I have already answered a thousand times!  (It's good to be sure, right?)  I always feel even more confident after these reassurances.  It usually becomes a 'duh' moment.  "Oh yeah, I knew we were getting enough calcium...silly me!"  Nonetheless, I found that I still had those pesky little thoughts I mentioned earlier.  I decided to lay them to rest.  I ate the chicken.  It was clear to me from the moment I had it that it was the wrong decision!  I immediately felt sick and wished that I could just get it out of my system!  I spent most of yesterday and all of today feeling just horrible.  In a way I am glad that I did it, I know for certain that I DO NOT need this in my diet.  I was wondering if it was something I needed to add back since ridding our bodies of gluten and healing our intestines but I am actually glad that it's not!!!  Clearly, I just need to get some more sleep!  My diet is fine!  I was very. very excited to come home and drink a giant green juice yesterday!  I felt much better, but I am still paying for this chicken...blech!  Hopefully, tomorrow will be good!

My green juice!!!  Yes, that is the straw from one of my daughter's cups! lol  Kinda looks like a little umbrella! ;-)

I also see LOTS of veggies and carrot juice in my near future! 

Peace out homies!  ( <----  no one knows really?!?! :-) )

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