Thursday, January 27, 2011

Bananas Are Back!!!

Good morning everyone!!!  I am so excited that bananas are back in our lives!  My daughter has always had an intolerance to them.  She throws up if she eats them and gets a rash ~bummer.  Then when I had my son, he seemed to be having the same problem plus constipation from getting the banana through my breastmilk.  Oy!  So we cut them out and then found the real culprit!  Gluten!!!!  When your body doesn't process gluten it actually does damage to your intestines.  This damage can make your body reject other foods as well as decrease nutrient absorption.  After you have been gluten free, sometimes you can reintroduce the foods with which you previously had trouble!  The recommendation is 6 months post-gluten but we have only been G-free for about a month.  However, I wanted to see if I could have bananas again so I tried it and we waited.  There didn't seem to be a problem with my son anymore so that was exciting!  Then we gave my daughter some and she didn't seem to be bothered either, she has successfully eaten about an inch of banana without any problems!!!!!!!!!!!  This is HUGE for us!  Bananas are inexpensive, portable, delicious and a key component in a lot of raw foods!  :-)  In celebration of bananas, I would like to share my favorite banana smoothie recipe!!!  I have done this a thousand different ways and this is my favorite!

Chocolate Banana Shake:
2 frozen bananas
3 cups non-dairy milk (We use almond!  I thought that vanilla coconut milk would be fabulous here because it literally tastes like melted vanilla ice cream, but it wasn't ~so don't use it! )
2-3 Tbs cocoa powder
1 giant spoonful of raw almond butter (you can use pb if you like!)
2 small squares 72% (or more) chocolate bar!
optional ingredients:
small handful of unsulfured, unsweetened shredded coconut
spinach or other greens

*assemble ingredients in blender and blend until smooth and creamy!!!  Serves 2! (Though I admittedly drank the entire pitcher when I was pregnant!)

Assemble all ingredients...
2 frozen bananas!

Not all chocolate is created equal!  Make sure you read the ingredients to ensure your chocolate doesn't contain milkfat or other yucky ingredients.  I like Endangered Species Chocolate and Newman's Own.

Blend it all up!

Enjoy!  I use stainless steel straws whenever possible!  I can't afford the glass ones as of yet, but the stainless allow me to have reusable straws which saves us money and it's one less plastic thing in my house and on my food!  I'm good with that!

I normally add spirulina to this shake but I have already had some today in my regular green smoothie so I decided not to add any to this one!  This is a great starter shake for green smoothies too!  With the exception of color, spinach is undetectable!  Check out this post from my favorite blogette for more recipes and ideas on smoothies!  I personally like kale in my smoothies and juices but in smoothies I would use the curly variety and de-stem it first, especially if you are a beginner!

I hope you try this recipe!  It is supremely delicious!  Have a fantabulous day!!!


  1. I've never even seen stainless steel straws! That's cool! I'm gonna have to try this recipe!