Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Dinner Fail.

Hello again!  It turns out that we ran out of food a day early and had to go to the grocery on Sunday instead of Monday.  Which ended up working out great because it was all snowy (again) yesterday and I have a flat tire!  I normally would not be excited about that but because we went to the grocery on Sunday, it didn't make any difference to me whether my tire was flat on Monday!  My father in-law offered to come over and fix my tire and I feel like that deserves some cookies!  So I will be making him some cookies with a recipe from a friend that I have converted to gluten free!  I will share that recipe with you when I make the cookies later! 

Anyway, since we are trying to save money....this week's menu was planned better so that I can use a lot of the items I already have around the house and we only bought the things we go through every week plus a few extra sale items and ingredients for suppers.  I liked having the meals picked out and choosing which day I wanted those meals in the moment better than having a dinner assigned to a specific day.  I decided to continue this way!  Here are our meals for this week:
Chickpea Burgers and Sweet Potato Chips ~I'll be making those myself
Pumpkin-Tomato Soup
Zucchini Pasta with Sundried Tomato Rawfredo Sauce ~I am taking this recipe and adding the sundrieds to the sauce
Salmon and steamed veggies ~I have two frozen pieces of salmon left and I am going to bake them with the rest of the ginger pear dressing as a glaze
Raw Pizza ~because I still have yet to make it even though it has been on our list for a while now
Breakfast Cookie Dough Cereal ~raw style because it is oh so delicious!  I like mine with cacao nibs and gogi berries!
Giant Salads........I have been craving them so I am excited about this one!

*Sigh*  Today was an interesting day to say the least.  It ended with my daughter having a really yucky skin reaction to some stickers she had been playing with all day.  I researched it a bit and found that most adhesives contain gluten, casein and latex.  Our society frustrates me this way.  I doubt that these things, or at least 2 of the 3 of them, are even necessary to make the adhesive.  It's probably just cheaper that way.  That's just speculation but it really annoyed me and of course made me feel bad because I should have known better.  Now I have to tell her that she can't play with the stickers in the morning when she asks for them and though her sad face will be short lived -she's cool like that- it upsets me that I even have to do it.  She should be able to play with stickers, ya know?  All day long I was stuck to the couch nursing my growing boy so she entertained herself with some Disney Princess stickers her uncle got her for Christmas.  It was so cute.  She kept running to the couch with a different sticker in hand to show me which one she had and tell me what color the dress was.  "Mommy, mommy....Belle!  Yellow!" she would retreat to her sticker stash, "Mommy, mommy.....Cingella (Cinderella) Blue!  Like it!"  On and on all day.  When she woke up from her nap she wanted to play a different game.  I was able to sit on the floor with her at this time since her brother was napping and she thought it was just hilarious to put the stickers on her head and run around all crazy.  Then she would bring some for me to put on my head and she just thought that was great ~mommy had them too!  She kept them on her head through her dinner and we noticed she had splotches all over her little body.  She didn't eat anything out of the norm today.  I haven't used any new soaps or detergents.  The only thing I could think of was...the stickers, adhesive is a common allergen.  We took them off and gave her a bath, sure enough.....the rash started to go away.  Now this little girl is incredibly full of life and energy and will find the fun and excitement in anything so she will be just fine.....but it ripped my heart out a little bit because she just loved them so much.  I know it sounds dumb and I am probably not explaining it properly, I don't know how to explain how I feel about it any better than that.  Maybe you just had to see her little face light up today to get it? I don't know?  There are worse things, believe me I know....but that's how I feel.  Moving on.

Dinner today was the Pumpkin-Tomato Soup.  We decided to have it with the Sesame Green Beans on last week's menu because I had yet to fix them! ;-)  Usually I also fix grilled goat cheese sandwiches with my soup but we have had a lot of goat cheese recently and I didn't want any.  I read one of my favorite blogs today and the post was about Socca.  Socca is sort of like a chickpea flatbread.  I was also intimidated to try it even though I had read about it before from the twins.  Fitnessista made it seem doable by simplifying the recipe even further so I thought I'd give it a shot.  I used 1 cup water and 1 cup chickpea flour, added some chopped chives, sea salt and a dash of chili powder.  FAIL.  The bottom burned and the top was too runny to flip.  It stuck to the pan and was not at all like I had hoped.  I ended up with these hushpuppy looking things that I tore up and put in my soup.  Truthfully, the taste was really good.  It just didn't turn out the way it was meant.  By this time I was too exhausted, frustrated and upset to eat.....so here I sit typing this post! lol  I need to go to bed but I am just so frustrated about a lot of different things that I can't sleep.  I could use some warmth and sunshine for sure!  Anyhow, I will share with you the recipe for the soup which was yummy as usual and call it a night!
Pumpkin-Tomato Soup:
1 can pumpkin
1 can stewed or diced tomatoes, no salt added
1 can tomato paste
1Tbs chives
1 cup water
sea salt and agave nectar to taste

*Blend all ingredients until smooth and creamy.  Heat to desired temperature on stove or in microwave, adding water if necessary.  Serves 4.
**I always add raw pumpkin seeds to the top of my soup as well! 
This is pictured with the goat cheese sandwiches which can be done a couple of ways:

Take your favorite multigrain, whole wheat or gluten free bread and spread vegan soy free butter on one side of each of two slices ~just like a regular grilled cheese sandwich.  Put slices of goat cheddar on the unbuttered side and grill in pan until cheese melts.

The other option is to take a spreadable goat cheese and add some spinach then grill to perfection!  Both are delicious!

Have a fantastic evening!


  1. Aw I know how you feel! I completely ruined oatmeal cookies last night. Well they still taste good, but it's just a big mess. :) Hope you have a better day today! I'm sorry about the stickers. I can imagine how you feel. I would be frustrated too :(

  2. Thank you! Isn't it frustrating when things like that happen and you are already tired and frustrated? It's like that one more thing that pushes you over the edge! Today is much better so far, I plan to keep it that way! :-)