Sunday, January 9, 2011

Food! Food! Food!

Well, tomorrow is grocery day and I just figured out what I am going to have on our menu for this week!  For some reason I am exceptionally tired, so I decided that this week is going to be full of meals we have already tested and approved.  It makes things easier.  I also have a lot of cooked foods on the list...not intentional, it just worked out that way!  A couple of the dinners I have planned are actually from last week's list because I didn't quite get to them before!  :-)

Confession:  We occasionally eat seafood, mostly salmon!  We also eat goat cheese, though not often.  Goat cheese is super delicious and digests better than cow cheese.  It's proteins are similar to the protein of human milk.
Tuesday: Salmon a la Oh She Glows, made gluten free with rice and veggies.

Wednesday: Zucchini pasta with tomato sauce
Thursday: baked chickpea floured eggplant and roasted vegetables

Friday: Raw Pizza!!!!!!!!!  ~big favorite around here from "The Complete Idiot's Guide to Eating Raw!"
Saturday: We are going to attempt to go out to eat I think.  I need to do more gluten free restaurant research, but we will have to see.  Our anniversary is Friday and we are celebrating on Saturday!

Sunday: Black Bean Sweet Potato Chili courtesy of the Fitnessista!

Monday: a little something I am going to call "Pasta Bravo!"  Bravo is my favorite restaurant and they are out of the picture now that we are gluten free.  I always get their 'Penne Mediterranean' dish ~LOVE, but I obviously can't have it.  I recreated it at home!  YUMMMMMMM!

In honor of Anniversary week:

Five years married this weekend!  Hooray! 

Have a wonderful Monday!
What are some of your favorite go-to dinner recipes?
Have you ever simplified a seemingly complicated dish??

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