Saturday, January 1, 2011

"Happy No Year!" and "Cilantro Larry!"

Well, if you understand the title then we can truly be FRIENDS! HAHA  Yes, I am a huge fan of FRIENDS and every New Year I think of the episode where Joey tries to kiss his roomie and plays it off by saying...."Happy No Year!"  Even the cilantro part is from that wonderfully hilarious sitcom of old!  Whenever I use cilantro I always think of the episode where Monica and Phoebe are discussing a sous-chef of Monica's that always used too much cilantro and they dubbed him, 'Cilantro Larry!'  This memory was brought on by last night's supper.  We had 'conservation burgers' from one of my FAVorite blogs (  complete with her raw ketchup and it was fantasmic!  We go through a lot of juice pulp, especially carrot, and it's nice to have another recipe to use it all!  I was attempting to make it look all pretty for you folks and added a cilantro garnish to the top, then immediately started giggling from the previously explained thought process....yes, I am that nerdy!  I should place a photo disclaimer in here because our camera is not the could be the worst actually, so everything pictured is MUCH tastier than it looks unless otherwise stated!  We need to upgrade our camera but it's pretty far down on the list.  We need a minivan and a new house first ya know!  These tasty little burgers were really easy to make, Kyle did it in fact, and oh so yummy!  I had mine with the raw ketchup, avocadoes, and olives!  I believe Kyle had his rolled up in lettuce with ketchup and tomatoes.  Even the little lady liked her supper!  I am always asked what an avocado tastes like and I would describe it as the white part of a boiled egg, especially when sea salt is added.  It's pretty mild and can be added to just about anything without really changing the flavor but adds huge nutritional value!  I loooove avocadoes, I have them every afternoon.  They are really great for breastfeeding too by adding those essential fatty acids to my diet~ hooray! 

Enough about food for now!  I am typically a very organized person and I like things to go in order so I wanted to start this blog by explaining how we got to this point with our diet and what led us here.  However, that will take a series of posts and time that I don't currently have because I am also very detailed, so I will have to leave you hanging until I can get those posts together!  It is quite the story though, you should continue to look forward to it! 

Being the first day of 2011 and all, I thought I would share some goals that we have for this year!  I don't usually set specific 'New Year' goals but I thought it would be fun to do so this year and then maybe we would actually get more accomplished than usual!
1. To be diligent with our tithe to the church! 
2. To get going on more homeschool things for the little lady, she is so bored and needs more I think!
3. To start cloth diapering again (I quit temporarily for lots of reasons)
4. To lose the rest of the pregnancy weight and get in shape (totally cliche I know!)
5. To continue researching and learning about living raw, plant-based and gluten free and to thrive as a result!
6. To have less 'pajama days' (though I'm still not sure how I feel about this one!)
7. To be more organized and have less clutter!
8. To sell our house (fingers crossed!)
9. To move closer to where Kyle works
10.To get a minivan (I'm cool with it!)
11.To focus on being a couple more and not just being parents~ this will be an importan one for us I think!
Ok, so there you have it....11 goals for 2011! 

So, do you set goals for the new year?
What are some of your goals?
What is the biggest goal you have ever accomplished for you or your family?
Have a great first day of 2011 folks!  Be safe and eat your veggies!

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