Saturday, January 8, 2011

Life in Pictures

I wanted to do this post because I read a lot of blogs and life in pictures seems so perfect all of the time.  So many of these wonderful ladies seem to have everything together and nothing ever phases, frustrates or upsets them.  Their houses are always clean, their kids behave ALL the time, they have the perfect diet and we should all live just like them!  I don't think anyone does it intentionally.  Why would you post about all of the things that maybe don't turn out so great or about the rough days?  I don't want this blog to be like that.  Things aren't always what they seem!  I don't want any readers to be left thinking, "Am I the only one who is struggling with this?"  It is not my intention to make myself look perfect or to try to be something that I am not.  I am just a wife and mommy trying to do the best for my husband and kids.  We are struggling to exist in this crazy world just like everybody else.  Don't get me wrong, I wouldn't change a thing.  I am so in love with my family and feel the blessings God has given us every day.  I am extremely thankful for His sacrifice and that I can hold my head high even on the bad days because I know that I will be with Him in Heaven when it is all said and done!  I just wanted you to know that! 

I do like for things to be in order.  I like organization and cleanliness and I get really flustered when things aren't going smoothly.  I am trying to get better with that.  I want to be able to roll with the punches so to speak.  I am definitely able to do this more with the second child than with the first.  I have a friend that said, (in regards to her second child when he was a newborn) "He pooped 9 times the other night between 2 and 5am.  I just laughed, but if this happened with the older one I would have really freaked out!"  I love that!  It's so true.  I used to really beat myself up for not being able to get the dishes or laundry done when my first baby was born.  Now that I realize how fast they grow up and that those things can wait, I am trying to be nicer to myself about it.  I don't want to miss my babies growing up because I wanted to get the floor cleaned first.  It's not worth it.  I still stress out about it sometimes, but I am working on it.  Hugs always get priority!  I love when my daughter comes up to me with those big blue-green eyes and says, "Hug you mommy?  Hug you?"  Or when my son is fussy and wants to be held and then gives me the most precious smile when I oblige!  No load of laundry, perfect blog post or new recipe is worth missing that!  Last Wednesday was one of those days.  I just couldn't get anything done.  My son was ridiculously hungry, my daughter was teething, the weather was gross and things were a mess.  I barely had time to pee let alone wash a dish!

Yup, that is most definitely the mess that was my kitchen that day!

Of course it had to also be laundry day.  That's as far as I got! :-)

Yes, there were times that day that I wanted to pull my hair out but I tried to remind myself that it was going to be ok and to step back an look at the big picture.  "Is anyone really going to care that this stuff didn't get finished today?  No.  Now go and hug your babies, they need you!"  I had to tell myself this. Thankfully I was able to play catch up the next day but would it really have mattered if I had two days in a row that were like that?  Nope! 

The unintentional jammie day!  Love those babies!
I hope you all have a great weekend!  Hug your family :-)


  1. I Love that you are so REAL Jess. Proud to call you friend!

  2. Hey, I am happy you made this post because I am inherently confused by people who seem so perfect in the just doesn't seem natural :). haha--I can relate on so many levels! Keeping up with the house can be such a time-drainer...I have to seriously remind myself to stop and do things with the boys, or else I could probably fill up the whole day with just chores...I have to stay balanced...