Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Random Good Idea!

Good morning!  Yesterday was my solo grocery excursion and I hate that I was a part of the 'Oh my goodness it's going to snow, I have to buy everything they have at the store right now' crowd.....but it was my weekly grocery day.  Yes, it was crowded and people are crazy!  I can't tell you how many times I was cut off by shopping carts and people in the parking lot looking for a closer spot.  Whew, I am just glad I made it out of there (and glad that we no longer drink cow's milk because the line for that was ridiculous!)  One of the things on my list was Dijon Mustard.  We aren't really 'mustard people' so I didn't have any in the house. (As I typed the previous sentence I giggled a lot because I have some readers, you know who you are, who will find the words 'mustard people' really hilarious! Love you!)  Anyway, when reading the back of the mustard bottles I came to the realization that I could not actually avoid calling companies to ensure their products are gluten free.  I was hoping I could get away with avoiding all questionable products, but of course I needed the mustard.  Why is mustard questionable you ask?  Certain ingredients in all packaged products may contain gluten such as 'natural flavors,' 'smoke flavor,' and the words vinegar or distilled vinegar.  Most vinegars are safe but some come from a wheat protein and it's too vague to be safe if that isn't specified.  The ingredients of every brand of Dijon Mustard contained vinegar and one also had 'natural flavors.'  *Sigh*  I was going to have to call the company!  So I took a deep breath and picked up the only two brands with my packaged product standards ~five or less readable ingredients~ and called the first company.  French's.  It wasn't bad at all actually!  I would call it a breakthrough because the customer service lady was really nice, didn't treat me like I was asking an odd question, and even offered to send me a list of their gluten free products!  FYI, all French's mustards are gluten free!!!!!  Hooray!  I felt like a big weight was lifted after that because I know I am eventually going to have to call other companies as well!  I was probably even walking around with a goofy smile on my face! :-)  All of that took a little longer than expected and got me all flustered so I decided to get a snack.  I have been treating myself to a little something on my grocery days.  Last week was the chocolate nut butter and yesterday I purchased a Raw Revolution bar!
They are really delicious!  I normally opt for a Lara Bar but these were different and I wanted to try it!  I was surprised that even though the ingredients are similar to that of the Lara's, they tasted a lot different.  This bar was denser and more dessert-like.  Yum!  They even had a bar with spirulina!  I love spirulina

The usual suspect!  I do love Laras! 
I ate my little snack on the way home and a random good idea hit me!  I have been really trying to keep some quick snacks on hand and though it is more economical to make them myself, it is much easier on the go or after a rough morning with the babies to have something packaged!  I was thinking it would be a really good idea to give an expecting mom a survival package of sorts!  Everyone always thinks of bringing full on meals over for a family with a new baby, which is wonderful, but nobody thinks of the little times inbetween meals when a mom needs to eat and doesn't have more than a few seconds!  These little pre-packaged, non-perishables are a life saver and a great idea for shower or new baby gifts!  So if you are searching for the perfect shower gift or need something in addition to that cute little onesie you just bought....please purchase something like Lara Bars, Raw Revolution snacks or some dried fruit pieces!  Your new mama friend will thank you especially when she finds herself in need of immediate nourishment and has the ability to get it!  Bananas are also a great idea if you are visiting after the baby is born.  They fit the bill...portable, tasty, healthy and easy to eat with one hand!

(image is courtesy of google images! and made me giggle! hehe) 

What other go to snacks do you think are a good idea for a new mom?

Do you ever find yourself at the store on those dreaded 'snow days?'

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