Sunday, January 2, 2011

"Somebody's Got a Case of the Mondays!"

(Shout out to 'Office Space!')  I realize that it is Sunday but I always feel like Kate does (of Kate and Leopold that is).  Sundays are spoiled because the next day is Monday and I generally hate Mondays.  I don't really know why?  I guess it's just getting back into the swing of things and the fact that Kyle has to go back to work.  I could never be a military wife (props to those of you who do it).  I just miss him too much and so do the kids.  Mondays also drag on forever because Friday is so far away.  I know I'm not the only one who hates's pretty typical I think, but I hate that it poisons my Sunday by looming it's black cloud over my head.  Recently it's even started to cloud my Saturday and that is just not cool.  So....I decided to try something new and do something about it.  Monday is now grocery day!!!  This is usually not a task that a stay at home mom (SAHM) is excited about.  It's hard to drag your kids to the store especially when you have to drive no less than 30 minutes with two of them in the back seat of your two-door ford to at least three stores in order to get everything you need for the week in the dead of winter when you only sleep a couple hours at a time and then load everything up in said ford's tiny little trunk that already houses the stroller and the 'just in case we break down in the Ohio winter' emergency kit and then drive back home and assume regularly scheduled daily activities on top of putting away these groceries and hope just hope that you didn't forget anything! WHEW! Deep breath, I'm done I think! ;-)  So why am I excited about this, you ask?  I am excited about grocery day because my fabulous mama has agreed to come over in the afternoon so that I can go to the store(s) sans children!!!!!!!  That really deserves more exclamations but I didn't want to annoy you all!  I will have a hard time with it at first because I really don't like to leave my kids, it feels weird and I worry about them even if they are in very capable hands (which they are).  But I need some time by myself occasionally and I am supremely excited about that even if it just to go to the grocery.  I decided to take this new thing a step further by making it 'Menu Monday!' 
     The plan is to find sevenish recipes that I want for dinner for the week, make the grocery list and then get everything I will need for the week on Mondays.  Even though the week technically starts on Sunday our week will start on Tuesday.  side note:  I had to do it this way because I have this weird 'beginning to end' issue and starting something mid-week was creeping me out.  Changing my focus from Sunday to Tuesday kept me sane!  I want to start trying some new recipes as well and this gives me a chance to do that!  My goal is to have 3-4 raw meals and the remaining meals would then be cooked.  I am going to try and make things well rounded also so that we aren't having any weeks that are heavy on just one or two things.  ie: pasta heavy meals or nut heavy meals more than once in a week!  Hopefully this will also help me achieve the New Year goal of being more organized!  Our first week's menu and most recipes follow:
Tuesday:  raw potato salad and massaged kale salad
Wednesday:  cinnamon rolls (Kyle's request~breakfast for dinner a 'brinner' if you will)
Thursday:  raw tacos
Friday:  Linguini with broiled eggplant and artichoke sauce ~this will come with a special Friday post
Saturday:  carrot falafel with tahini dressing
Sunday:  Sweet potato black bean chili
Monday:  salad beasts

There ya have it!  That gives us 4 raw meals (score!) and 3 cooked meals all vegan and gluten free!  I am really excited about finding recipes for each week and maybe even getting organized enough to save money on groceries, time in the kitchen, and get a few meals in the freezer for days that won't allow time for me to cook!

Do you ever have breakfast for dinner? (It's always been a favorite of mine!)
Is there any particular day or thing about each week that you dread?  Why and ~most importantly~ how do you try to bring it to light? 

Have a great evening!

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