Sunday, January 16, 2011

Southwest Inspired

Happy Sunday!  I have been eating a lot of southwest inspired foods this week.  Lots of salsa, avocado, peppers and the like.  I have no idea why, but I had a serious craving for these foods this past week and definitely indulged!  I do that a lot.  I'll have something incredibly delicious one day and then crave it again until I am completely sick of it.  Mac and Cheez is always a 'multiple times in a row' food and back when I used to eat such things, Chipotle burritos always made me want more too.  I think I am mostly done with the southwest items now that it's been a week but we'll have to see.  ;-)  That being said, here are some of the things I have been eating!
Newman's Own Salsa!
my lunch Thursday and Friday this past week! Soooooo good!

My beverage of choice = plain ole water!  Random:  Moms, do you ever do this?  Drink your beverage in a baby bottle or cup?  It was the only thing clean and now it's sort of become my cup! LOL

Today for lunch, Kyle and I were still feeling the southwest vibe and had raw tacos again!  I made a double batch this time in order to have something to munch on a few days next week.  Kyle will probably take some to work for his lunch as well!

The 'taco meat'

All the fixins'!  I will say, that since we have been eating this way our food has become a lot more colorful!  Which is a good thing seeing as how you are supposed to eat from the 'rainbow' everyday!

Everything put together in little Romaine boats!  This is my favorite way to eat the raw tacos, but you could eat them just about any way you'd like!  I also have a pretty large green juice and some carrot juice lined up for later and it's chili night!

Something fun:  last weekend Kyle decided he wanted cinnamon rolls big time!  We were supposed to have them for dinner one night the previous week, but I didn't get to it.  He still wanted them in a bad way.  He was almost like 'crazy craving pregnant lady' about it!  So we decided to give this recipe a try!  Gluten Free and Vegan Cinnamon Rolls!  They looked supremely yummy and sounded simple enough but our buckwheat flour didn't turn out so well!  We ground some buckwheat groats in my coffee grinder but no matter how many times we ran them through, they still came out a little fuller than we needed.  I think that is why they didn't turn out quite as planned!  The dough was supposed to be easily formed and rolled out but it was just a sticky mess!  We had to add a lot more buckwheat flour and some GF baking mix in order to get it to stick together at all!  I had given up....I had other things to do (like take care of the babies and laundry and a zillion other things!) but Kyle was determined to get his cinnamon rolls!  He finally got the mixture to roll out:

LOL  It doesn't look very appetizing does it?  I think it looks like a graboid from one of my favorite movies "Tremors!"  hehe  but he was sooooo excited!  It was adorable!

Then he sliced up the 'tremor' and placed the slices in a round baking pan!  They came out all different sizes! 

(Seriously, I can't stop giggling!)  Then they went in the oven and truthfully, they weren't bad!  We ended up adding a glaze of maple syrup, cinnamon and sugar while the rolls were still warm....that helped!  I think we will try again if we figure out how to grind our groats efficiently!  It was a fun adventure to say the least and of course made me want to watch my fav Kevin Bacon flick! 

Have a wonderful day!

Have you ever had a hilarious disaster in the kitchen?


  1. Jess! I MUST have the Cinnamon Roll recipe! The link in the paragraph goes to a different recipe!

  2. LOL Sorry about that! I fixed the link and here is the recipe!