Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Baby Steps!

"Baby steps to the door, baby steps through the office..."  Hehe!  I think about this clip a lot these days!  Probably because I've seen 'What About Bob' way to many times but it's become sort of my motto!  It is so easy to get overwhelmed when you are making changes to your lifestyle especially when these changes are not considered the norm in standard society.  I have to constantly remind myself that it's ok to take one step at a time.  "Baby steps to natural living, baby steps to natural living!"  Otherwise I get really overwhelmed and my head starts spinning!  I am sure many of you are feeling or have felt the same way!  I am constantly researching about the foods we eat or need to eat, what is the best way to cure sickness naturally, how do we detox from heavy metals, how do I get my ovaries to work without medication, what kind of natural personal care products are out there, can I make some of these products myself, is our drinking water safe, the list goes on and on!!!!  I found myself in one of these frenzies earlier today!

I have not been doing much research in the way of natural hair and body care.  I felt overwhelmed by it.  I was pregnant and researching home/natural birth in the midst of our big diet change which also required research and it was just that 'one more thing' I couldn't handle.  Maybe it's not the best way to do things but I have to feel ready to make any kind of change or I am just going to get overwhelmed again and probably not stick with it.   I rely on my gut feelings a lot.  I pray that God will give me the guidance and tools that I need to make the best decisions for us and when I get a strong feeling one way or another I feel like that is God telling me what needs to come next!  I try to go with it!  He speaks to you, you know!  So, I am finally ready to start getting into more natural products for hair care, body care and the like.  I want to use shampoos (or other ways of cleaning our hair), moisturizers, deodorants, toothpaste, etc. that are not toxic to our bodies!  So many of these products have terrible, terrible ingredients that are just poisoning us.  Today, I looked into making our own deodorant  while reading another friend's blog!  I'm pretty excited about it and I already have everything to make it except for Vitamin E oil.  I may try it without and see what happens!  While reading the same blog, I came across this post about using vinegar and baking soda to clean your hair!!!!!  Be still my heart!  Distilled Vinegar and me, we're buds!  Why I didn't know you could use it to clean your hair is beyond me, but I can't say I'm surprised.  Vinegar does everything.  It wouldn't phase me at all if mine sprouted legs and started cleaning the floor for me! ;-)  You can use apple cider vinegar as well, some prefer the smell over distilled!  I am very excited to try it.  I plan on looking into it more as well as what styling products to use.  My hair is not the 'wash and go' type but maybe this 'no shampoo' thing will fix that?  Hmmmm  Anyway, I was inspired to start looking for other daily items that could use a natural replacement and I became overwhelmed by all of the information!  Baby steps!  I am going to start with the hair and underarms and go from there!  Whew!  I decided to tell you all about my little adventure because I thought maybe some of you would be feeling the same way about changes you may be making or may want to make. 

Some of you may be embarking on a fitness journey, changing your diet, or trying to use more natural products and whole foods in your lives as well.  Nine months ago I was just beginning all of this and looking back it is really awesome how much we have accomplished in such a short time!  Baby steps WILL get you there, wherever there is!  Here is a little snippet of the things we have done to make our lives richer since May of 2010!

We make our own laundry detergent
We stopped consuming dairy products (with the exception of goat cheese occasionally)
We no longer eat meat
We use cloth diapers
We had the most wonderful homebirth

I finally conquered breastfeeding with the help of some amazing people!
We decided that vaccines are not for us or our children
We consume mostly fruits and vegetables as well as other whole foods!!!

Gluten is history!
We are healthier, happier, feel better and we have and continue to learn so much!

You CAN do anything you really want to do!!!!

Is there something that has been overwhelming you lately?  How do you plan to conquer it??

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