Monday, February 7, 2011

Learn from my mistakes!!!

Good Morning....well as I am typing this it is morning, we will see if it gets to you when it is still considered morning! LOL  I have been MIA recently because I have been feeling just awful!  I found the culprit however, a bag of spirulina that I recently purchased is contaminated with gluten!!!  On top of that I also had some buttermilk which was in a gluten free flour mixture!  OY!  I always, always read my labels.  I was just so excited to find some gluten free flour mix and I was so tired because my son is still an up-all-night kind of dude.  This led to me being lazy and assuming that it would also be dairy free.  Not true.  My poor baby has had a very upset tummy the past couple of days and it's all my fault.  I feel just terrible about it.  My stomach hurts too, but who cares about that when the baby is upset.  Poor thing.  I think it should be out of his system today though!  I bet you are still asking yourself, "Why does a micro-green alga (spirulina) contain gluten?"  Spirulina is gluten free but like so many other foods can be contaminated before we ingest it. 

In the health food store where I purchase my spirulina, they have 'bulk bins.'  The bulk bins contain a variety of herbs, spices, soup mixes and super foods.  Here's the kicker so pay close attention if you are thinking about going gluten free or are new to it:  Most bulk spices contain gluten in the form of an anti-caking agent, most soup mixes have the same and some are riddled with barley and rye.  Barley and rye have gluten as does wheat.  When the same scoop is used for all items purchased from said bulk bins, you have cross contamination!  The scoop is supposed to be wiped clean between bins but wiping is different than washing!  The likelihood of this scoop actually being wiped off between each and every item is not good anyway.  Thankfully, I was able to figure this out but not until after I had been sick ALL week and my son's rash had resurfaced.  I called the store and I can get prepackaged bags of spirulina that are bagged using a dedicated scoop in order to avoid this happening again.  If your store does not have this option, you should ask for a new, clean scoop to be used in a container that has yet to be used.  Perhaps, suggest to the store that they have such an option ready for people with celiac disease!  Be gentle with them though!  Most people are unaware that cross contamination is even an issue nor do people realize all the places where gluten could be hiding!  Please learn from my mistakes; read ALL labels and beware of the possibility of cross contamination!!! AND GET 'THE G FREE DIET!' ASAP!!!!!

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