Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Catching Up!

Hello everyone!  I am so grateful for the beautiful weather and SUNSHINE!  I know that our cold, dreary days are nowhere near over but it's nice to have a break from the yucky stuff!  My plan is to get the kids out for a walk today but the toddler is still without a nap so she will probably put a stop to that plan.  However, I will get outside today even if just to breathe the nice fresh air!  I also looooooove how much cleaner the house looks with the sun beaming through the windows.  I don't care how many times I mop the floors or dust the furniture, if it's raining outside...the house looks and feels a fright!  Not today though!  I even have some clothes hanging outside to dry!!!  I'm also pretty excited about the coming spring because I can finally hang my cloth diapers in the sun again!  It's so much fun to wash cloth diapers when you can hang them outside!  Yes, I do know how ridiculous that sounds but if you ever decide to give cloth diapers a will love it too!  I saw this awesome post yesterday about carrying a cloth diaper caddy around instead of using a changing table!  I am really excited to do this because we have two in diapers now. The changing table takes up a lot of space and if the toddler lady is sleeping, I can't go in to change the baby.  Currently I have diapers in two locations so it will be nice to condense them in a cute carry-all!!!!  This post really isn't all about cloth diapers though, don't worry!  :-)  I just wanted to have a catch-up post with a compilation of things we have been up to lately!  Our little lady recently had a birthday!  The big 2!  She also learned to do a head stand pretty much wherever she wants!

Silly girl!  (That's an Imse Vimse wool cover on her bum by the way!  I love it!  I only splurged for one but it's great at night and for toilet training!) 

This one has been showing the playmat some love!  Which is actually a really great thing because he previously hated to be put down at all and now he will spend some time playing so I can catch a breath or two!  Little sweetheart! 

We finally decided to give banana soft serve a go...
TOTAL YUM!  I topped mine with cacao nibs!

I also decided to give nut cheese a whirl!  Sooooooo glad that I did!  It was really delicious!  The only problem is that it takes a long time so if you know you want it, you have to plan ahead.  (or you could just keep some on hand!)  I was intimidated by it before but it is actually really, really easy and kinda fun!  I used this recipe for 'goat' cheese from Choosing Raw.  It's a macadamia nut cheese.  It was really delicious!  Though next time I will add more lemon and water because it came out a bit dry!  Here is the process!

You just put a cup of soaked macadamia nuts in the food processor with 2 teaspoons miso!

Miso is traditionally a fermented soybean paste but we don't eat soy and you can get a lot of different types of miso these days.  We use chickpea miso!

Ok, so then you process the nuts, miso, and a few Tbs of water.  This is where I should have added more!  I also added some probiotic powder, but that is optional!

Then you place the mixture in a clean jar, cover it with cheesecloth and a rubberband (or one of your daughter's hairbands because you can't seem to find a rubberband anywhere!) and place it in a warm spot for up to 12 hours.  Gena says 85-95 degrees is optimal.  I just turned my oven light on, put the jar in the back by the light and closed the door!  Worked great!  After it was good and fermented, I added some sea salt and lemon juice!  I will definitely be trying this again!  My next adventure is going to be a cashew cheese I think!  Something with sundried tomatoes perhaps?  (you know I love my sundrieds!)

Well, I hope you enjoyed this hodge podge post! :-)  What is your favorite springtime activity!?!?!

I must go now, lots of cuddles and silliness await!


  1. HEy Jess! you'll have to let us know how the cheese turns out. I've never thought of making my own. I would be interested in it though! like cashew cheese? i wonder how that would be..

  2. The macadamia nut cheese was really good but macs are expensive. I will let you know how the cashew cheese turns out or if I make almond cheese?

  3. I am right there with you on hanging the diapers to dry outside, love it! The nut cheese looks really good, I may just have to give it a whirl.

    And look at your little sweeties, soo adorable! I love the headstand!