Thursday, March 31, 2011

The Little Things....

This post is all about the little things that put a huge smile on my face!  Sometimes, okay most of the time, you don't need something ginormous to happen in your life in order to smile from ear to ear!  Just look to the little things that really make you smile!  It can be any kind of smile.....heartwarming, sentimental, silly, fun, cute, exciting!  Yes, there are lots of things that can get you down from day to day.  It seems that when one thing goes wrong then everything starts spiraling out of control.  I will be the first to admit that I let this attitude get to me of late.  Lack of sleep plays a huge role in attitude for me as does the weather ~it's still pretty icky here in the midwest, but I have been praying about my attitude a lot lately and for some additional help with the things that I just could not handle anymore.  I always try to give everything to God because what can we really handle on our own?  ~Not a thing!  However, just like in the poem 'Footprints,' there are things that require God carrying us instead of walking beside.  I am thankful for those singular footprints in the sand.  I learn more during those times.  I am also thankful when God puts me back down and lets me continue in my walk with Him!  I know that I have been carried by Him lately and I woke up today with a big smile on my face.  No particular reason...just a lot of little ones! 

LITTLE THINGS THAT MADE ME SMILE TODAY!  (some may surprise you! haha)

1. My babies!  (of course!)

Little cutie wrapped up in blankies and watching movies with mommy!

This is actually an old picture but it is just so sweet!  He has since had his first haircut and yes, I kept the curls for his baby book!  I am that mama!

My babies always make me smile!  Of course, they can really frustrate me as well but the smiles outweigh the other moments for sure!  Today my baby boy was extra snuggly and my little girl and I colored a picture together!

2.  Cheap cleaning appliances!  Yes this may sound lame but I don't care!  I love cleaning tools!  My brand new carpet cleaner arrived on my doorstep this morning ~ I didn't even have to pick it up at the store, it came to me!  Hooray!
I was holding on to a gift card and some Christmas money and finally cashed it in for this bad lad!!!

3.  It's Reds Opening Day!  I realize the fact that this puts a smile on my face really surprises most of you, but I do enjoy baseball and I really enjoy the warm weather that soon follows!

4.  Colorful Salads and leftover Roasted Squash!  Delicious!

  5.  Tanya Tucker!  I was thinking about all of the 'little things' that have put a smile on my face today and her song popped into my head!  I looooove country music and Tanya Tucker is one of my faves!  Hope you enjoyed the video!

I could keep going with all of the things that have made me smile today but I will leave you with those 5 things! 

What little things have made you smile today????


  1. 1~ My morning coffee. No matter how stressed I am, it always makes me smile!

    2~ GRAYSEN!! Waking up and hearing him sleeping in his bassinet. The little noises that he makes, his smile, the fact that it looks like babies R Us puked in my can you not smile?

    3~ The colorful highlighters that litter my desk top. My office has no windows so I have to brighten up this drab weather and the mentality that comes along with it some how.

    4~ The fact that I wore an orange shirt to work with hot pink ballet flats. Reasoning- same as above. (and I love the fact that I don't match and I don't care!)

    5~ It is the last day of the month! Not that I am wishing time away but since I am salaried, I get payed on the last working day of the month. YAY PAY DAY!!

  2. I went to the Farmers Market and got 7 bags of fresh produce for 24 dollars! That put a big smile on my face!!

  3. Michele, I am so jealous! That would make me smile too!!!!!!!!!!