Monday, March 28, 2011

Menu Maybe???

Good afternoon folks!  It has been quite some time since my last menu post.  The reason for that is simply that I have not had the time or the energy to produce such a menu!  HA!  My solo grocery excursions ended a while back due to the fact that my little baby boy will not take a bottle, hates the car and cries when anyone but mommy tries to take care of him!  Don't get the wrong idea......he is the sweetest little thing!  He is just a baby and knows what he needs.  However, it was not allowing me to get to the grocery except for 'essentials' trips and quick runs to our local store.  Our local grocery store is actually a big chain store but it leaves much to be desired.  They are forever out of almond milk and don't even get me started on their organic produce!  It's bad.  So that in addition to the lack of sleep around these parts (seriously, I'm still up every 2 hours *sigh*) left me without any kind of menu.  I do know that it is better to have some sort of plan both for the wallet and for our sanity but I just couldn't get anything together!  At first I gave myself a hard time about it and really stressed over my inability to create some sort of structure but then I decided to give myself a break!  I was every spare minute that came about, I tried to let myself sit down or *gasp* attempt to take a nap rather than add to my work load.  In case you hadn't posts were few and far between as well!  However, this last week has been a little better and I have had a chance to play catch-up in a lot of areas!  One of these areas:  Menu Planning!  I can't tell you how much better I feel now that I have some sort of plan!  I really am going to try making a menu each week even if things go crazy again, it's a big load off my shoulders!

On top of being able to create a menu, I was actually able to go to the store by myself!!!!  Yahoooooo!!!!  My little guy is getting better when it comes to letting others hold him and care for him for a while!  My mama came over to watch the babies and I set out on my long forgotten solo trip to the store!  The first thing I did......take a deeeeeep breath!!! lol  It's nice to be alone sometimes even if it is for running errands!  I thought I would share with you the dinners I have planned for this week!  They are in no particular order.  I stopped planning each day and just pick from my list as I see fit!  A lot of the meals you may recognize from previous posts!  I was not about to be too adventurous with my time this week and decided instead to have some of our favorites mixed with a few (easy) newbies!

Butternut Mac N Cheeze  ~waaaaaay excited about this one!  The recipe only uses half of the squash, so the other half I will roast and keep for lunches! 

Baked Dijon Salmon and Steamed Broccoli  ~ I have had the biggest salmon craving lately!  This dish is really good with steamed broc and I always add a splash of lemon juice and sea salt to my steamed's all they need really!  YUM YUM

Sweet Potato Black Bean Chili ~ this one requires a little extra planning simply because I have to soak the beans first.

Zucchini Marinara ~  super easy and always one of my favorites!  I was able to get my favorite Muir Glen pasta sauce on sale and had a coupon so that was exciting!  I really enjoy the portabello mushroom sauce!

Baked Sweet Potatoes and Sesame Green Beans ~  so easy and always tasty, therefore a perfect fit!  The green beans use vegetable broth as does the chili linked above which is one of the reasons for this meal.  I don't want to waste any broth!

Collard Wraps with Chia Chili Cheese Dip ~  we actually haven't had these in a while and are really, really looking forward to them!  Definitely a huuuuuuuge favorite!

Pumpkin Socca and Steamed Veggies ~ I bought some yellow squash, cauliflower, zucchini and enough broccoli to have with this dish.  I had been wanting to try making socca again....ever since my massive failed attempt!  I successfully made some last week and it was delish!  It also freezes well and makes for great lunches and snacks!  I changed the recipe ever so slightly to suit our tastes!  Basically I just reduced the amount of salt and pumpkin pie spice by half!  It is definitely not a sweet bread....more savory for sure but really good!  I found that using a 12 inch pan as suggested was just too big.  I used a 10 inch with much better results!

I cut the socca into small rectangles after flipping it out of the pan!

My little girl will eat it as is but it's really good with some cinnamon apples!  I also made the BEST sandwich when I spread some goat cheese on two warmed pieces and put some baby arugula in the middle!  I didn't take a picture because I didn't think it would be as delicious as it was......just take my word for it!  Yum!

In the original recipe for this socca, there is also a recipe for beet hummus!  I am super excited to try it!  I like beet greens but I do NOT like beets.  I am hoping this will be delicious and a good way for us to eat beets! 

I am really looking forward to our meals this week and I am soooo hoping that I am able to actually prepare all of them! Ha!  Hope you have a lovely evening!

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