Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Burgers, Burgers, Burgers!!!

Hello hello!  There have now been about 4 days of sunshine (not consecutive) this spring season, haha, and on each of those sunny days I have found myself in need of a burger!  I loooooooove veggie burgers!  I am not talking about the 'veggie' burgers you get from the frozen section at the grocery either!  (yuck)  Those are certainly not healthy, definitely not gluten free and not really very tasty!  I am talking about the oh so fabulous and wonderful world of homemade non-meat burgers!  Delicious, filling, healthy, non-heartburn producing, kid-friendly, summer approved burgers!  YUM!!!!  The last weekly menu I posted (yikes, 2 weeks ago!) listed a quinoa burger ~ it was supremely fabulous!  We have had them twice now and the recipe couldn't be more simple and it's also easily adapted to suit your tastes! 

We ate our delicious burgers with sliced tomato, avocado and romaine lettuce leaves!  The burger itself doesn't really need any kind of condiment because it is so flavorful and moist! (*side note: I realize that a lot of bloggers hate the word 'moist' which I actually find funny because they don't seem to hate the word 'encrusted'?! ~just an observaton!)  I should say that 'I' ate my burgers as described above because Kyle did use some mustard and ketchup in addition, that guy loves mustard and ketchup?  I don't get it?!  Anyway, the recipe uses cooked quinoa, hummus, tomato paste and some spices and seasoning!  I highly recommend making the hummus and using it in the burgers, it really adds so much flavor and *bonus* you can have the extra hummus to use for veggies the next day!  I also really loved this recipe because it's freezable and you all know I love freezable meals!  I prefer to use fresh ingredients when possible so I subbed a small garlic clove for the garlic powder in the recipe.  We also omitted the basil because I don't really like it and added some turmeric.  I can tell you that the tomato paste is optional as well because we didn't have any when we made these the second time and they still turned out great!  I have found that my body does not fare so well with starchy ingredients so instead of using the potato starch to make these gluten free as the recipe suggests, I just used a few tablespoons of brown rice flour!  These delicious burgers increased our longing for summer and reminded us that a whole world of meat-free burgers exists!  I thought it would be nice to attach more burger recipes to this post so we could all find new and yummy suppers for our families this summer!  Who doesn't love summer?  I mean really, am I the only one who equates burgers and summer?  (By the way, I am sooo going to eat the leftovers for lunch as soon as I finish this post!)

Chickpea Sunflower Burgers (these are super delicious, just use g-free oats and a gluten free dressing such as tahini dressing!)

Mushroom Walnut Burgers (also raw and to make these gluten free please use tamari instead of nama shoyu)

A REAL Veggie Burger (I can't wait to try this one even though it's a bit labor intensive ~again use G-free oats!)

Portabella Mushroom Burgers (just make sure your marinade is gluten free and these are grillable!)

What is your favorite summer time food????  (I have too many to count!!!)

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