Wednesday, May 18, 2011

The ONE Thing....

There is one thing that really, really bothers me about the way we eat.  ONE thing.

THE DISHES!  Oh my goodness.  We always have dishes.  We even have a dishwasher but always find ourselves handwashing also.  The thing about our diet is....we have to make everything, and I do mean everything, ourselves.  So while it's all yummy in our tummies it is definitely not good for the kitchen sink! (Or for our sanity! hehe) 

Does anyone else run into this problem?  We wash dishes all day long and they are never done.  We generally wash as we go but still they pile up?   Phooey on the dirty dish monster!  I love my cleaning schedule but those darn dishes.....*sigh*.....

So if any of you have some fabulous 'dish-tips'  they would be much appreciated!

If only it could stay this way!  Typically, it will look scary again in no time at all..........

Aaaaaagh!  Back and forth every day!  Clean, dirty, clean, dirty.  At least the food is good, right!?!?!

On a lighter and much more fun note:  It's supposed to be SUNNY outside on Friday!!!!!!!!!!!  I am so excited!  You can bet that my cloth diapers are going to get some much needed sun as well!  Sunshine also means.....BURGER DAY!  We are looking forward to our favorite Quinoa Burgers again, complete with sweet potato chips!  Soooooooo excited!

There are a variety of recipes on the net for sweet potato chips, just give it a quick google if you are interested!  However, I will leave you with my favorite way of making these lovely chippies!

Sweet Potato Chips
4 medium sized sweet potatoes or yams, any variety (long and skinny if you can find them!)
Enough of a high quality exra-virgin olive oil to have about an inch of oil in a stock pot
Sea Salt to taste

*Wash, peel and slice thin your potatoes.  I use my food processor which has a slicing option.  You can also use a sharp knife or mandoline slicer.  Heat the oil on medium heat and drop your potato slices in until the bottom of the pot is covered, just as long as it's not too crowded in're good!  The chips are done when the edges start to curl and the slices bubble a bit.  Lay them on cooling racks lined with paper towels to drain and sprinkle with sea salt!  Repeat as necessary! 

My favorite!!!!!!!!!  Sooooo good!  Enjoy!


  1. Wow those sound and look soooo yummy!! I'll definitely be trying these!

  2. I am definitely addicted! :-)

  3. The dishes!! It's terrible! I just find I MUST stay on top of it, washing a dish right when we're done with it- But that basically means no sitting down, blogging, no breaks, etc. SAD. Yummy looking chips!

  4. Oh, and it helps me stay on top when I wear cute dish washing gloves :D

  5. I love portabella mushroom burger and sweet potato chip night too! :)