Monday, May 2, 2011

Rainy Day Movies

Good morning all!  I would like to say thank you to all of our men and women in arms who continue to protect this nation and her people!  I am always grateful for everything you do but, just like many things, it sometimes takes a phenomenal event whether tragic or tremendous to remind us of our blessings!  We are continually praying for you!

That all being said.......Seriously, with the rain?!?!?!?!?  Come on!  Local peeps, have you looked at the forecast?  It's really not necessary if you haven't, I will fill you in....are you ready?  RAIN, RAIN, and oh yes...MORE RAIN!  BLAH!  I haven't had time to research this theory yet, but I firmly believe the sun has more of a mood boosting effect than just vitamin D and we neeeeeeeeed some serious sunshine!  Generally, I like to try and put some sort of positive spin on things.  However, there are also those times when you just want to be mad about it!  Hmph! 

Ok, my fit is over!  (My 2 year old must be rubbing off on me! haha)  I am sorry for the length of time between posts.  It really frustrates me having so little in the way of a schedule with them.  Ideally, I would love to get something up every day!  I have so many things that run through my head all the time and many ideas for you as well as the every day happenings to report!  I just haven't been able to type them up, load pictures, find links and all that jazz!  I really enjoy blogging, it's fun!  I also enjoy reading the many blogs that have helped me with everything from health and fitness to a daily dose of hilarious reality!  I appreciate every single one of you for taking the time to read and respond to the things that I have to say and I certainly don't want to leave you hanging!  My goal is to have at least 3 posts a week and Kyle suggested that I try to have them on certain days each week so you would know what to expect!  (He's sort of a genius!)  So, I am working on which days would be best and allotting time to create the posts!  Having the time (or making the time) to type and create posts is the biggest challenge for me right now ~well, the biggest blogging challenge!  Thank you for sticking with me, just one of many busy mamas!  :-)

Back to the rain!  Ha, is this post jumpy enough for you! lol  I associate a lot of different things with mood.  I also associate things with rain, sunshine, flowers, name it!  One thing always reminds me of something else.  Last summer on a rainy and unusually chilly Monday, I thought it would be fun to watch a new to my daughter movie while we sat on the couch all cuddled.  It was fun!  I have always enjoyed movie days when the rain ensues.  Sharing that with my little girl was wonderful!  We watched, "Enchanted" that morning and now every time it rains I want to watch it again!  (Thank goodness I picked a movie that I like!)  There are lots of movies that I think of whenever it rains.  Most of them were probably watched at one time or another during a storm or to break up another midwest monsoon like the one we are currently having!  For some of the movies that make the 'rainy day' list I have no explanation, it's hard to say why I think of them whenever it rains but alas...they make the list anyway!  So, I will leave you with my 'rainy day movie list' and a clip from one of my favorites!  (For the record, I don't really have a favorite anything.  Pretty much everything depends on my mood!)

In no particular order, "The Rainy Day Movie List"

-The Goonies
-Pirates of the Caribbean ~all of them!!!
-National Treasure ~both one and two
-Harry Potter ~again....ALL of them!
-Leap Year (cute, cute, cute)
-Die Hard ~yup, definitely all of them
-Sweet Home Alabama
-Twister (I am actually not allowed to watch this one anymore, every time I do...there's a tornado warning!)
-The Haunted Mansion (I actually really like Eddie Murphy in most movies but not as a stand-up!)
-Adventures In Babysitting
-Meet Me in St. Louis ~ I seriously can't wait for my daughter to see this one!
-Back to the Future ~mostly the first one
-FRIENDS *not a movie but you can't possibly go wrong here!!!

That's all I can think of for now!  What are your favorite movies to watch on a rainy day???

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