Monday, July 25, 2011

In The Bag!!! (Thirty-One Giveaway!!!!)

Hello, hello!!!  I have recently discovered the best diaper bag!  I just love it and because Lori is so awesome, you can have one too!  As gluten free, plant-based eaters we must also carry around a lot of snackage in addition to the regular diaper bag goodies.  Soooooo, we will also be giving away my favorite thermal tote!  However, it does not stop there!  Lori has also offered free personalization!  We are just on fire today!!!!

I thought it would be fun to disclose the contents of my bag so you can see just how much I can fit into this fabulous carryall!  The best thing about this bag is that it is actually an 'Organizing Utility Tote' so it has multiple functions!  It would be a great bag if you don't yet have kids or if your kids are no longer in the 'diaper bag' stage!  It would be a really fab beach tote as well!  The 'Thermal Tote' is great for anything you may need to keep hot or cold and tucks quite nicely inside the utility tote!  So here it is....

Thirty-One's Organizing Utility Tote:
I like details, so I will give some to you now!  The Organizing Utility Tote has 5 outside fabric pockets and 2 mesh pockets.  The inside is completely open and does not have any zippers or pockets.  (I use a purse organizer inside mine for all the little things!)

Thirty-One's Thermal Tote:

The Thermal Tote has a zipper top and a pocket on the outside.  The inside is open. 

Now for the fun part!  What is in my bag?  Haha, a LOT!  It has actually taken me about a month to do this post because I didn't want to take my bag apart!  I have it very strategically packed and all I have to do is grab it and go!  However, I really wanted to convey just how much this bag can hold! 
(not everything is pictured!)
In my bag:
-3 stuffed cloth diapers                                                       
-1 wetbag                                                                               
-wipes container                                                                     
-changing pad                                                                        
-nursing wrap                                                                       
-extra blanket                                                                       
-1 extra toddler outfit (dress and bloomers)
-1 extra bow                                                                 
-2 extra baby onesies                                                     
-2 pairs baby socks                                                        
-2 summer baby hats                                                     
-2 burp cloths                                                                
-cell phone                                                                    
-toddler cup of water                                                   
-2 toddler snack cups                                                   
-travel cup for smoothies!                                           
-toddler sunglasses                                                      
-baby carrier/sling                                                       
-Thermal Tote
*sippy cup of almond milk
*container of sliced apples
*ice pack
*stainless steel straw
*2-4 Lara Bars
 -Purse Organizer
*plastic trash bags
*feminine care products
*Dreft stain remover pen
*2 ink pens
*hand sanitizer
*3 bottles of travel sized lotion
*homeopathic teething remedy
*baby powder
*personal care:comb, hairpins/ties, lipgloss
*band-aids, cotton swabs

My bag all packed:

I KNOW!!!!  I love it!  So many cute patterns too!  I always get compliments on this bag! 

Here's how to enter:
*2 separate giveaways: 1 for the Organizing Utility Tote with free personalization and 1 for the Thermal Tote also with free personalization!

Leave a comment on the blog telling me the most obscure item you have in your bag!  The winners will be randomly chosen on Friday morning!  All comments posted before 11:59pm Thursday, July 28th will be eligible!

(To comment on the blog go to the right-hand side and click 'join this site.'  Sign in, you must have a valid email address for this.  Go to the bottom of the post and click 'comments.'  After making your comment you need to 'sign' it.  There will be a box at the bottom that says 'sign' or it may say 'enter' ~sometimes it's different~)

Good luck!!!   If you are not one of the oh so lucky ones who wins this giveaway, you can purchase the bags in this post along with lots of other goodies from Thirty-One!


  1. You know how to pack a bag!! Great job!

  2. Yay! I love your bag and would LOVE to win!!! Let me seems I am always searching for lotion or snacks in my bag, so the many pockets would be fantastic! And I would of course have to get the purse organizer if I win the big bag, awesome! Thanks for hosting such a wonderful giveaway!

  3. Girl, you know i need this bag :)!! Let's see...the most obscure item in my bag would have to be a whistle--I keep it for emergencies, I don't know when that would come in handy, but it's there, none the less...hehe

  4. Great job Jes! Well, I don't have my bag packed yet, but once I do, I know there is going to have to be some "parent" items in there. The one thing I go a little nutty about if I don't have some, is lip moisturizer. (Plus, Brian is always pestering me for some)

  5. The most obscure thing I have in my diaper bag is Chicken Poop! LoL It is a lip moisturizer is made from high quality, recognizable ingredients. All natural ingredients, a smooth application, and a therapeutic aroma...


    Avocado oil, jojoba, sweet orange, lavender essential oil, bees wax, and Vitamin E.

  6. The most obscure item in my purse is a collection of small animal figurines from quarter machines. They are just so cute I can never resist them!

  7. The most obscure thing in my bag is probably my decapitated dashboard hula man. I keep forgetting to glue his head back on! I LOVE this utility tote.