Thursday, January 12, 2012

A Healing Journey...

   I struggled with how and where to start this post.  I could start anywhere, going all the way back to infancy if I wanted.  However, I decided the best place to start would be with our miraculous healing and work back.  Though if you are interested in reading more about some of the health problems I have had, you can read this post.  Some of the troubles my children have had can be read about in this post as well as the beginning of this post.  This will be a long story but hopefully one that is also captivating!  So it begins.....

God heals.  Our Lord, the God of Adam and Eve, He heals.

Stay with me!

I know some of you who are believers and the previous statements are of no surprise to you.  I also know a good number of nonbelievers as well as those who have uncertainties will be reading this post.  People spend so much time and effort and some even spend a great deal of money trying to disprove the existence of our Lord.  However, you have far more to gain by proving His existence and giving in to God pulling on your heart and mind.  He's there.  He's always been and will always be.  Regardless of how you have felt about Him in the past and no matter what you have done, (we are all sinners, contrary to popular belief)  He will be there for you.  You need only believe and ask.  That being said, I hope that I haven't lost any of you and you are intrigued by this testimony.  I can insure a fantastic surprise at the end of this post.  It IS a jaw dropper.  Now for the story.

December 14, 2011 we took a road trip to a little place just outside of Auburn, Indiana.  Captivating already, I know! ;-)  So anyway, Indiana.  We loaded our van with our little family, our good friend Jennifer and a lot of super delicious food.  It was, after all, a road trip.  Our destination was an Amish healer by the name of Solomon Wickey.  I first learned about Solomon from Jennifer.  I read about him on her blog.   You can also read more about Solomon as well as some other energy healers in this book.  I encourage you to look through the book, it is truly amazing information and there are some really great testimonies.  When I first read about this Amish healer on the blog of my friend, I was intrigued.  Most people would probably think, "Ok, whacko!"  But I was not one of them.  I had already been to 8 doctors including 3 specialists and none of them had been able to help me beyond, "Here, take this pill and when it stops working give me a call and we'll increase the dosage or find another pill."  Joy.  I wanted answers and I wanted to fix the problem not cover it up with a pill that will also be doing further damage to my already broken body.  We had started researching nutritional healing as well as other naturopathic forms of healing.  At the time of reading her post, I was already gluten free, dairy free, egg free, meat free and really trying to heal the damage that had been done to my young body.  I knew I had Celiac Disease and I knew I had PCOS.  Now I just had to heal.  I longed to be healthy and able to take care of my family, going about daily activities without so much pain and exhaustion.  I also wondered if we would ever be able to have more children.  I had resolved to rid my body of chemicals and that included no longer taking the prescription meds I was given for PCOS.  It really wasn't difficult to make that decision anyway.  The meds had stopped working.  Metformin was the reason I was able to get pregnant with my other kids though and I just did not know if we would be able to have more.  In spite of my best efforts, changing our diet, seeking great natural care, ridding our home and lives of as many toxins as possible, my hormones remained a mess.  I would go to our wonderful doctor, a chiropractor who practices a form of energy healing called Applied Kinesiology, and he would reset my hormones.  They would be normal for a while, the longest period being two weeks, and then they would get all wonky again.  It was really discouraging and made it very difficult to function.  If you or someone you know has ever had a problem with hormones, you know exactly what I'm talking about.  The range of symptoms is quite large and some can be very severe.  I won't go into detail, again you can read more from one of my previous posts linked above or venture into the land of Google and have a look-see.  My body's inability to regulate my hormones properly left me menopausal at 26.  We were desperate to find a cure.  Being the prayerful Christians that we are, we continued to pray that God would lead us to health.  That He would help us to know what to do and how to do it so we could finally get healthy.  I was researching other naturopathic doctors in our area, maybe someone else would be able to help us further?  The very same night, as I sat in tears at my computer, I received an email from Jennifer.  She had been offered to take her friend's appointment with Solomon Wickey the very next week.  Jennifer has also had some health problems and had been writing back and forth with Solomon.  It can take a while to get an appointment with the healers so it was a wonderful blessing that her friend gave Jen the appointment and that Jennifer asked us to go with her!  I was super excited about it.  God had answered our prayers and very carefully laid the plans out before us.  He had actually been planning this one a while, I think! ;-)  My husband was a little apprehensive but was willing to go because we had already experienced so much healing from other energy methods and from our diet.  He was also a little more at ease with it because Jennifer had been before and, in addition, knew some other people who had been healed by Solomon or one of the others who had trained with him.  Both of us believe that God can do miracles and even if it sounds strange to us, it's not strange or impossible for Him.  Therefore, we were off. 

A little over three hours later we were there!  So close. My heart was beating so fast and I was so excitedly nervous that I wasn't sure if I should vomit or jump for joy.  It had been a long battle with this Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome and I was ready for it to be over.  I also felt a little weird about the situation.  I know I had to go through everything I did for a reason.  I was a much stronger person, a much better Christian, and felt more empathy for others suffering from any illness.  All of this had brought me closer to God and if it was going to be over soon, would I fall away? Would I feel less of a bond with Jesus, the one who lives in my heart because the constant struggles that had me relying on Him were going to be over?  I also wondered if I would be able to experience healing?  Yes, I believe God heals but some things you have to go through.  There is a reason for everything and what if it just wasn't my time yet.  What if God wasn't done shaping me yet?  Truthfully, we're never 'done.'  He is always working in us but I can tell you that I was soon to find out that He no longer wanted to use this health burden as a tool.  It would soon be over!  I knew only a little about what to expect.  I knew they were Amish and very humble.  I knew we would be in a barn and I knew that they practiced energy healing.  Though the difference was the faith of the people who practiced.  They believe that all healing comes from God and He is allowing them to use this gift that He has given them to heal those who need it, if God allows.  If God does not allow, for whatever reason, they will still help you to the best of their ability.  They give great nutritional advice and teach about ridding your home and body from toxins and harmful substances.  They will also pray with you.  It was a wonderful experience.

So I went into the building with my two young children, my husband and our friend Jennifer.  They called us back and Jennifer had her turn first.  We saw two of the people who had trained under Solomon.  She talked to them a while and they were able to help her and talk with her about what more she could do to get healthy as well as why she had been feeling ill.  Now, it was my turn.  I really wasn't nervous.  I was excited and I was surprisingly calm.  I explained why I was there and what we had done already to try and fix the problem.  My biggest concern, "I haven't had a period on my own in six years."  He looked at my kids and asked how old the baby was.  "14 months.  I had to take medication to get pregnant with both of them."  He just smiled at the kids and said, "I assume it is your intention to have more babies?"  Of course my husband and I both agreed, it was our intention to have more children!  He looked into my eyes, shone a pin light into them and on my tongue, fingers and skin.  It's hard to explain what happened next if you aren't familiar with energy healing but I just sat still while he meditated over what was going on in my body.  I had also explained that I had Celiac Disease when I told him about our diet changes.  About three minutes later he looked up and said, "Ok.  You should have no trouble getting pregnant and you shouldn't have to worry about gluten anymore."  What????  I hadn't thought about the gluten thing, I was only there for my hormones!  Wow!  I asked if he could take a look at my kids as well and he was able to heal both of them!  He also took a look at Kyle to make sure his health was in order and we talked a little longer.  I asked if he could tell anything about our Celiac Disease and he said he could tell we had had it from birth.  That I must have had some kind of trauma to my intestines very early on.  My heart is about to beat out of my chest as I am typing this.  This was by far the most amazing experience of my life and though it may sound crazy, it is all totally and completely true!  I immediately felt different.  I always had a headache, one I dubbed the 'hormone headache.'  It was very specific in location and pain and I always, always carried it with me.  It never left but now, it was gone!  It's hard to explain, and I'm sure hard to believe, but I just felt different.  My stomach was always bloated and every step we took to heal it was working but slowly.  Two steps forward and one step back but now I could already feel the difference in my gut.  It was calm.  I was healed.  I am healed. 

We talked about what we would do with our newfound health.  Do we eat gluten again?  Do we revert back to old dietary habits?  Do we continue on as if we had never learned all that information about nutrition and natural health?  No.  We had come so far and in a very specific order.  When I first started on the road to figure out what was wrong and how to fix it, I joked with my family doctor about going gluten free.  We had just had a dissapointing appointment in that in spite of all the tests she had done, she couldn't find anything wrong.  "Oh well, that's ok.  I should probably just go gluten free or something."  We had a little chuckle and off I went.  I know now, that even though the idea of being gluten free was in my head, it wasn't time.  If I had gone gluten free then, I would not have been healthy.  My diet would have still consisted largely of dairy, meat and other processed foods.  Not optimal.  God knew I needed time.  Along came my daughter who was allergic dairy with no sign of that going away.  Out with the dairy.  I was pregnant with my son and meat had also started making me ill.  Out with meat.  Of course, we had been researching the whole time and felt confident in our food choices.  The health benefits we were already experiencing spoke for themselves, we were all feeling better and this included my husband.  He lost 20 pounds and no longer had heartburn.  He previously took Zantac daily.  We enjoyed our diet and learning new information on health.  Still being held back by something we decided to give gluten free a go after my son was born.  It was obvious at that point that my daughter had a problem with gluten, my son was suffering big time and I was still unwell.  Finally, we were gluten free and this blog was born.  Looking back we can see that God gave us both of our little blessing to show us where he wanted us to be with our health.  He knew I wouldn't change my diet for myself but I would do anything to make my kids healthy.  Rather than going gluten free 6 years ago, He had us wait so we would have a better picture of what our diet should be; dairy free, egg free, meat free, gluten free, whole foods.  It's so interesting to look back and see the intricate design in God's plan.  We met Jennifer through a friend on Facebook and she is the one who told us about our chiropractor practicing applied kinesiology and the one who told us about Solomon Wickey.  All of these things happened in a specific order and in a specific way.  It was a plan.  A wonderful plan.  We decided to remain gluten free.  I am thankful for that decision because we recently experienced cross contamination and gluten still negatively affected us.  The severity is less but still bad.  It now gives us  problems similar to that of dairy, eggs or meat.  It gives us a rash, irritability, digestive problems, and attacked my gallbladder and joints which are areas that are easily inflamed right now.  Though the problems I just listed would be enough for many people to say, "I thought you said you were healed?"  I must tell you how severe the problems were before!  We couldn't even touch gluten without getting sick.  My poor little girl would throw up all night long from the smallest bit of cross contamination and feel sick for days.  She would have digestive distress for days after as well.  My baby boy, who would only get cross contamination through my breastmilk, would have his bleeding eczema return as well as become colicky and have abdominal pain and diaper rash.  I would be knocked out for a week.  Terrible migraines, depression, widespread body/joint pain, and a full 24 hours of vomit were my cross contamination woes.  So you can see the difference!  Another difference is the rate of healing.  I have been fighting two intestinal ulcers and a damaged gallbladder and I was fighting hard to heal them.  I was making progress but again, two steps forward and one step back.  Now, my body actually had the ability to heal.  We have all the proper digestive enzymes and it's really helping to speed my recovery and allow my my gut to finally be healthy!  However, I have to keep it healthy and keep my family healthy and that involves remaining on our gluten free, plant-based diet for LIFE! 

I realize the previous reading material may not be proof enough for you.  What about my hormones?  Are you to just simply take my word for it?  Well, of course, you can take my word for it but what is the fun in that?

TWO PINK LINES!  "You should have no trouble getting pregnant now."

I am 6 weeks pregnant!  NO MEDS!  We are so in awe of God's healing power and so thankful for His constant guidance!  We are having another baby, something we never thought possible and we certainly never thought it would be without medication!  Healed!  Thank you, Lord!  We have been Christians for a long time but this experience has really put us 'on fire' for Jesus.  What He asks, we will do and part of that is witnessing for Him. 

***We ask that our family and friends please be respectful of our decision to remain gluten free.  Though the severity of gluten to our bodies is less, it is still severe and very concerning.  Previously, we had been told that our sensitivity to gluten was the worst that had been seen.  Again, we couldn't even touch it because one tiny molecule was so devastating to our bodies.  We are thankful that we no longer have to deal with such severe and intense consequences but our bodies still respond the way a person with Celiac Disease/gluten intolerance would respond.  We will continue to be a gluten free family.***