Sunday, February 26, 2012

Weekly Menu 2/26/12

Hello all!  We're back with the weekly menu.  I can't say last week was a huge success but at least I had a plan!  I'm sticking with it and making another menu for this week.  Even if I'm too nauseated or tired to actually make the food on my list, at least I have an idea of what can be done if I decide to try!  Of course, this list was not easy to make because even as I am typing this, I feel like I could toss my cookies.  (Or, cupcakes rather.....we had a bit of a birthday celebration for a certain 3 year old this weekend)
Lots of chocolate ~the lady's favorite!  (Yes, that is the 'Peanuts' gang!)

We did get around to making tacos!!!!!!!!!!  They were fantastic and the Follow Your Heart sour cream is amazing!  It tastes like full fat regular sour cream which is exactly what I wanted!  It actually inspired me to make a sort of recreation of a dip my mom used to make!  Oh boy, it was good!  We were short on time so instead of making the lentil-walnut taco meat, we did a few different things instead.  I mixed chili powder, onion powder, cumin and sea salt with a can of gluten free/vegetarian refried beans.  I then layered the refried beans, plain lentils, sour cream, salsa, and a mixture of avocado, organic corn, black olives, and sweet bell pepper!  We dipped the chips right in and it was glorious!  

We almost forgot to take a pic which is why you can see my favorite bunny jammie pants in the photo also!  Don't act like you don't have bunny jammas, ok! ;-)  I found a few more vegan taco recipes on pinterest and I'm super excited to try them, I'm thinking taco night might be a regular occurence.  Though, sadly....tacos are not on the list this week.  Maybe next week though? 

Menu for the week of February 26, 2012

1.  Tomato soup and cornbread (yeah, we didn't get to this one and I have all the stuff ~don't judge!)  If you happen to be following along and you're saying to yourself..."Self.  I do not want tomato soup and cornbread again!"  Have no fear!  This butternut squash-apple soup is absolutely amazing!  We also really enjoy this cornbread which is more sweet than savory. 

2.  Raw chili.  I'm really anxious to try this one!  I have three recipes for raw chili form three different books and they are all different.  However, I think I'm going with the one in my Alive in 5 book.  It's super easy and sounds delicious.  I'll probably warm it on low in the oven.  If raw chili does not sound appetizing to you or you don't have a good recipe, here are a few you could possibly add to your menu:  Super Easy Vegetarian Chili, Sweet Potato Black Bean Chili, Pumpkin Chili.

3.  Portabella steaks and rosemary-garlic mashed 'potatoes.'  We may also have steamed asparagus.  The steak and potatoes are actually raw recipes from Mathew Kenney's book.  They looked so delicious, we had to try them!  The potatoes are actually mashed jicama!  Kinda fun!  If you do not have this particular recipe, you can give this one a whirl, Marinated Mushrooms and Cauliflower Mash.  We have actually had that recipe twice and it is delicious.  Just be sure to use gluten free tamari.  

4.  Dreena's Mac-OH, Geez!  Tastes nothing like mac and cheese but it's fabulous!  This dish is hearty and delicious and I really do love it!  I have some gluten free bread crumbs leftover from Thanksgiving that I'll use to top the casserole.  I may also make some g-free garlic bread.  I haven't yet decided.  

5.  Avocado Pasta.  I love this pasta.  It's quick, easy, and delicious enough that even the kids will eat it!  I use lime juice rather than lemon juice and I think it makes this dish extra special.   I'll use corn-quinoa linguini and also....I omit the extra oil and use filtered water instead.  

6.  Chickpea floured eggplant, roasted red pepper and salad.    

7.  Calzones!!!  My husband has been requesting these.  He could probably eat them every day if I made them.  Truthfully, they ARE that good!  We use this dough recipe and use an assortment of filling.  You could use anything you want.  We use the typical pizza toppings; pepper, olives, tomato, spinach, sauce, cheese.  You could use daiya but we have been using goat cheese recently.  Since I have been pregnant, I just cannot stomach daiya.  Again, if you are following along and you're thinking...."Geez.  These people eat a lot of pizza."  Maybe consider a lasagna for this week.  Spaghetti Squash Lasagna, Vegetable Lasagna (this looks amazing!)  We already have pasta on the menu twice this week, once with brown rice and once with corn-quinoa but both of the above lasagna recipes are noodle-less and only use veggies so you won't be having pasta three times in one week. 

Our fabulous calzones after baking in the oven!  Gooey, wonderful mess!  (My husband overstuffed his in spite of my advice....this would be the reason his is bursting at the seams! haha)

Bon appetit, folks!  

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Bringing Back the Weekly Menu...

Hello everyone!  As you know, we are now expecting our third baby!  We are extremely excited and so blessed to be able to have another baby.  However, being pregnant is not always peachy.  Most of it is absolutely wonderful.  I love feeling the baby move and I always feel my babies (or my uterus technically) wiggle at around 10 or 11 weeks and this one I felt at 7!  So much fun!  But the nausea...not so much fun.  I was really doing well with meal planning which was saving us a lot of money and time not to mention the amazing food we were munching.  Since I have been pregnant, food is another story.  I haven't been able to meal plan at all and I really haven't been able to eat much either.  It's been kinda crazy around here.  Finally last week, at 10 weeks, I started to have a little bit more energy and less nausea/aversions.  (less)  So I feel like I can plan some easy meals for the week and hope that the act of actually cooking them, won't make me want to vom.  The problem right now, if I find something I can eat....I can't stomach the cooking process.  Too many smells and textures for me at the moment.  I wanted to start sharing some weekly meal plans with you though, I have a lot of friends who are gluten free or dairy free and it's not always easy finding meals to eat throughout the week.  If you are just beginning to go gluten free or dairy free (or any allergen free for that matter) it can be even harder because you probably haven't had much healing time yet and still lack in the energy department.  Since I am starting back up (fingers crossed) with the whole weekly menu thing, I thought I would start sharing!  TIP:  I always keep my weekly menus for future reference and try to note the meals we loved and the meals that we didn't love so much.  Then if I'm pressed for time or not feeling the cooking thang, I can go through previous menus and pick from tried and tested recipes rather than always finding new ones.  It really helps! 

That brings us to the menu for the week of February 19, 2012:

I'm trying to keep things simple since this is my first week 'back' and since I am still notsomuch into food.  So this week lacks in creativity but here goes....

1. Tacos!!!!  I have been craving tacos and our local health food store special ordered some acceptable sour cream for me.  I am stoked!  I saw this link on pinterest and it just looked so delicious!  Obviously, we will be making it gluten free, dairy free and meat free but tacos nonetheless!  My favorite taco 'meat' recipe is from Oh She Glows, I love her lentil/walnut taco meat to which I always add hummus!  We'll have organic tortilla chips, lettuce, tomatoes, taco 'meat', olives, organic gluten free refried beans, sour cream, maybe daiya cheese for the little one and my husband will want salsa. 

2.  Pizza!  I'm cheating on this one and I totally don't care!  We have a pizza crust mix from Namaste in our pantry and I'm gonna use it!  I expect it to be thin crust so we'll be adapting this Roasted Red Pepper and Arugula recipe to suit our g-free, casein/lactose free bodies.  We use goat cheese sometimes which does not contain casein as does cow cheese but you have to be really careful and read the ingredients because some goat cheese isn't pure goat and has cow junk added to it~ talk about a tummy ache!  I have found that Vermont Creamery makes great pure goat's cheese and I recently found out about someone who might make it locally so I'm checking into it!  However, you could easily add mushrooms, porcini would be great, or other veggies and nix the cheese altogether or use daiya.  Just in case you want pizza but don't want to buy a mix, we have successfully conquered gluten free pizza from scratch numerous times with a few different recipes but this recipe is foolproof!  It made gorgeous calzones and if you let it rise, makes a great pizza crust as well. 

3.  Tomato Soup and Cornbread.  I am actually really looking forward to this one!  I haven't had a good old-fashioned tomato soup and cornbread in a long time!  I'll be making my creamy tomato soup and using this recipe for Gluten Free Pumpkin Cornbread with Sage  *fyi:  Muir Glen canned tomato products are BPA free.  This Vegan Pumpkin Soup looks good also! 

4.  Baked Sweet Potatoes, Steamed Asparagus, and quinoa.  Easy.  I will probably chop my steamed asparagus and throw it into my potato with the quinoa and add spinach and goat cheese.  It's a super messy loaded baked sweet potato and I adore it!  However, my husband does not like his food to touch so he'll be having everything separate with brown sugar on his potato.  I suppose it's ok if you do the same! ;-) 

5.  Tahini Dressing and Ginormous Salads!  I have been craving tahini dressing big time, BIG time!  I can't get enough.  We'll have Organic Italian Greens, avocado, sundried tomatoes, carrots, pepper and cucumber on our salads.  Kyle always adds hemp seeds to his salads as well but the unprocessed seeds hurt my stomach so unless it's hemp seed butter, I don't do the same. 

6.  Vegan Mac N Cheese and Steamed Broccoli.  Mac and Cheese and broc just go together so that was easy.  This recipe is going to be time consuming though I've heard it's worth it.  I'll probably make it on Saturday so I have someon here to watch the kids while I'm cooking. 

7.  Grapefruit Salads with Baked Potatoes.  I'll probably add tahini dressing to my baked potato!  Kyle just uses Earth Balance, sea salt and pepper.  The grapefruit salads will just be greens, walnuts, grapefruit, and chopped dates with a tad bit of lemon juice for dressing.  Kyle actually requested this one and I had just read a post from Gluten Free Vegan Mom Who Knows about eating a salad of the exact same items!  Funny!  Her post is also about vegan caesar dressing which is on my list of lunches this week.  Mostly we'll eat leftovers for lunch or just other things we have around the house but since my husband has been gluten free even outside of the house we have had less 'leftover' from the night before because he takes it for his lunch.  So I also need to make sure I have enough to eat during the day that is quick and easy.  I'll be making the caesar dressing for salads and I'll also have tahini dressing.  I will make these Raw Sweet Apricot Flax Crackers and this Honey Walnut Spread to munch as well.  As you can see, there is a lot of food to make when you eat this way so it can be challenging but it's worth it.  For the lack of fun pics, I apologize but have a great weekend!