Tuesday, March 27, 2012

12 Days of Easter

Today marks the 12th day until Easter!  Don't get me wrong....I love bunnies and flowers and spring as much as the next person but Easter is not about spring or bunnies or flowers or eggs or cute little dresses, suits and baskets full of goodies.  Easter is about Jesus rising from the dead just as He said He would!  Becoming a mom made me realize just how important traditions like this can be and how easy a child's mind is influenced.  I've been searching for things we can do to make Easter more about the resurrection than about spring and pinterest has definitely been helpful with that!  This is the first year my daughter is really into anything more than a quick story or color sheet so I needed something more than we have done previously.  (she's 3)  I really love the ideas this mom has for teaching her children about Resurrection Sunday and we're going to be lightly adapting this for our little family!  I'm very excited! 

Basically, she has twelve different stories and little activities or figures that go along with each day until Resurrection Sunday.  It's very similar to an advent calendar before Christmas and that's part of why I liked this idea!  Our kids did great with the advent calendar and scripture reading for Christmas this past year and I think they'll be really into this as well!  I am taking the idea of the 'Easter basket' and using that for our daily trinkets and such that the kids will have to discover.  I have a small basket that I will hide with each day's activity/trinket/toy/book etc. and they will have to find it.  We'll talk about the items they have found and have our corresponding Bible lesson.  I've been able to go through the house and adapt the original ideas so I don't have to buy anything this year.  We may have a few songs and some videos as well.  My kids thoroughly enjoy a good song and dance session!  We do tons of baking around here already so I'm not worried in the least about them getting the whole cookie/candy experience that goes along with most holidays.  They won't be missing anything!  We don't eat eggs though so I'm not into the whole eggdying-egg hiding-egg-stravaganza.  We also try our best to limit plastics in the house so for that reason combined with us being egg free peeps, we won't be using plastic eggs either.  There is one section on the blog where she suggests using a plastic egg as a representation of the empty tomb which is a good idea but I'm just going to leave the basket empty and make them find it still.  I may leave some toilet paper or cloth strips to symbolize Jesus having been there at one point but that He is no longer there.  I don't know, we'll see.  Anyhow, I wanted to share with you the things we have decided to make a tradition for our family starting this year and I hope you find some things to use for your family traditions as well.  Here is our first day in the countdown to Easter:

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