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Weekly Menu 3/11/12

Hi there!  I hope you are enjoying the weekly menu posts and perhaps getting some new ideas for your meals as well.  You don't have to be gluten free or vegetarian to enjoy these meals and everyone needs more veggies and less gluten in their lives anyway!  Maybe some of these ideas will help you embrace meatless Monday or give you some additional idea for branching out in your food lives?  Either way, I am enjoying typing the posts and coming up with the recipes!  Plus, now I have all my menus saved and if I ever feel a lack in creativity or time...I can just pick from one that is already done!  Love it!  Once again, I lack pictures.  But who cares because the linked recipes have marvelous pictures and I'll too be busy cooking and eating (as you will, I'm sure) to bother with pictures! 

Some of the recipes on our list this week, were inspired by the upcoming weather forecast!  It appears as though we are going to have (we'll see but here's hoping!) quite a few days in the 60s and even one in the 70's!!!!!!!!!  I realize it's not the tropics but it ain't snow plowin' weather neither! ;-)  I am a summer girl and even though being pregnant in the summer isn't always grand, I am still looking forward to it! So, some of these recipes are summer inspired!!!!  Some are rainy weather recipes but still they will all be fabulous.  Hope you love them!

Weekly Menu for the week of March 11, 2012:

1.  Black Bean and Guacamole Burritos!  (if you actually click on the link....this picture just screamed, "SUMMER!" at me!)  We bought some brown rice tortillas when they were on sale and have a stock pile in the freezer to use for this recipe.  Sadly, I do not own any type of grill whether indoor OR out but I'll see what I can redneck rig for these tasty guys! 

2.  Cranberry-Avocado Salad with Candied Nuts and White Balsamic Vinaigrette.  This salad has gorgeous color and I love candied nuts in a good salad as does my husband.  This will probably be reserved for our 70's day!  Can't wait!

3.  Sundried Tomato Pesto!  I've had a craving for this and we will be having it next week!  I don't even care what we serve with it....could be pasta, maybe baked potatoes or some homemade gluten free bread?  I don't care...I just want the peso!  (just omit the cheese)

4.  'Salmon' Patties and Apple Fries!  I'm really excited about this one!  :-)  My husband always, always wants some kind of fry when we have any type of burger and I wanted something different than the usual sweet potato or russet potato.  We'll be using apples!  Yum!  (I am probably not going to use all of the spices in the recipe)

5.  Maple Baked Beans, Mac and Cheese and either steamed broccoli or asparagus.  I'm loving asparagus right now and so is my toddler so we've been eating it a lot!  We'll see what happens this week though.  I feel like we eat a lot of macaroni and cheese but the recipes are rarely the same and I like to try them all plus, it's good!  P.S.  My husband is going to try pressure cooking our beans for the first time!  If this is a success...I will be very, very excited!

6.  Waffles and roasted red skin potatoes with chives.  Again...we love eating breakfast for dinner and having this waffle recipe for dinner one night means I'll have enough left to freeze for breakfasts also.  Can't lose, less work!

7.  Tahini Soup and steamed zucchini.  This soup will be one of our rainy day dishes and I loooove steamed zucchini with chives.  I don't add anything but chives to sliced zucchini and it's really idea why but it's really good!  Of course, we will be subbing gluten free/vegan noodles for the egg noodles in this recipe. 

As for snacks and lunches this week?  I don't know.  I never had the chance to make beet chips or the coleslaw from last week so I'll probably make those but everything else is up in the air.  I did make some sunbutter form last week's menu and it was delicious!  I've been eating it by the spoonful with Enjoy Life chocolate chips!  In case you were wondering, our grocery list looks like this:

-almond milk (at least one unsweetened)
-black beans
-avocado (5-7 depending on how many I have left from the week before.  My son eats them for lunch)
-dried cranberries
-salad greens
-red skin potatoes
-carrots (for juicing, eating and to use the pulp for salmon patties)
-dulse flakes
-raisins (Kroger has an organic bag of raisins at a decent price and we use them for everything from cereal to random snacks plus they are in the coleslaw)
-lemons (juice, dressings and addition to water)
-apples (bagged organic apples for juice, fries, eating, etc)
-raw cashews (I'm out :-( )
-pasta for pesto and tahini soup
-zucchini (2 ought to do it)
-greens for juice (probably celery, romaine, cucumber and dandelion greens or swiss chard)
-strawberries, grapes or some other snacking fruit for the kids.  I just get whatever is on sale unless there is a special request. 

We typically try to keep it under $100 per week.  I'm hoping we'll be able to do even less when we have a garden but we'll see....until then, I think this is pretty reasonable for mostly raw, gluten free, veggie people.  We actually budget more for our food but I like to see if I can keep it under $100 and usually I can if I meal plan.  We feel like fueling our bodies with real, healthy food is far more important than spending that money on other things like cable, texting, eating out, etc.  It's really important for us to have healthy food to nourish our bodies and keep them functioning properly.  We feel better when we eat this way and for us it's, "Pay for real food now, or pay the medical bills later!"  (paraphrasing something I saw on pinterest but I loved it!)  Because we do budget extra for our food, we can then buy the things like acai powder, raw cacao, spirulina, Vega protein powder (which I still only buy when it's on sale!  Last week, I had a coupon AND it was on sale for 35 dollars when it's normally 75 so I got it for 30!!!)  and other super foods or extras that we want.  Keeping the budget down for the weekly menus really helps and we know we have that cushion if we really need it!  For instance, I was craving some gogi berries and I do need the protein and iron so we were able to get some even though they don't come cheap!  If we weren't mindful of what we spend regularly and if we didn't cut back on other things, we wouldn't be able to get things like that.  Food is our medicine!  :-)  Have a great day!

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  1. Since you have given up facebook for Lent, I wasn't sure how else to get in contact with you. I was on pinterest and found a pinner that pins quite a bit of home-school type stuff as well as egg and peanut free recipes. Ashley Cherryholmes is the name. We went to school with her. Just thought it might be worth taking a look :-)