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Weekly Menu 3/18/2012

Happy St. Patrick's Day!  We started our morning introducing the kids to some traditional Irish music, watched the Veggie Tales video for St. Patrick's Day, colored shamrocks and talked about it's three leaves representing the Holy Trinity!  It was fun!  I felt like we needed something special for breakfast so I whipped up some cinnamon rolls!!!  It's quite exciting to say 'whipped up' when referring to anything made from scratch without gluten, eggs or dairy!  Usually, those recipes take quite some time and this one really was quite simple.  They were also fantabulous which means they will go in our permanent recipe file.  The only complaint I have....they have more of a biscuit texture than a smooth bread texture but the taste was amazing and they were much easier than other from scratch gluten free cinnamon roll recipes so it's all good! 

Glorious cinnamon-caramel deliciousness!  I subbed coconut sugar for granulated and sorghum glour for sweet rice in the recipe.  These rolls also call for cloves which were an amazing addition!  They tasted and smelled so!

The flash made them look orange but they baked up much better than our last cinnamon roll attempt!

This is my favorite picture!  The kids were patiently waiting there cinnamon treats.  This is after I frosted them with some homemade vegan buttercream!  YUM! I had intentions of dying the frosting green but decided against it.  My little girl kept coming in the kitchen and asking if the 'rollers' were done yet!  So cute!

On to the menu for this week.....I'm feeling not so lovely in the food department again.  It was never really stellar as far as eats go but it was getting better.  Weeks 12 and 13 were pretty good but 14 was terrible and so far, 15 isn't treating me so hot either.  I did make most of the things on last week's list but I didn't make any extra snacks and a couple of the meals were replaced with fend-for-yourself fare.  The Tahini Soup from last week was the weirdest soup I have ever had in my life.  I'll not make it again.  Tahini belongs in dressings and sauces but definitely not soup!  It wasn't gross, just odd.  I did make some cheesy chickpea crackers to go with the soup though.  They were a big hit, tasted a lot like cheez-its.  This week, I have a few things that I currently think sound really good so I'm gonna go with it as well as some items that might just trick the kids into eating the veggies they are currently striking.  We'll see....

Menu for the week of March 18, 2012:

1. Quinoa Stuffed Artichokes ~When I was in labor with my son (the first time ~I had a good practice run before the real thing) my husband and I went to the Cheesecake Factory and had this grilled artichoke that was amazing.  I've been wanting it ever since the whole neighborhood has been on this grilling frenzy and it's all I can smell!  These aren't grilled, but they'll do nicely! 

2.  Roasted Red Pepper Mac N Cheese ~this is the original recipe our raw cheez sauce came from and I'd like to have it this way.  I think it looks really delicious. 

3.  Lentil Meatballs ~I'll be serving these with pasta sauce but without pasta.  I have no idea what else I'll serve with this or with most of the meals we are having this week but at least we'll have the main part....  *Oh...and the comment section for this recipe said the 'Meatballs' were mushy so I am going to process them less which will give them better texture and bake instead of fry. 

5.  Pizza with sliced eggplant, tomato, olive oil and garlic

7.  This is going to sound awful but...Pizza Rolls.  It sounds awful for two reasons.  One, because we are already having pizza this week and two, because it sound like we're eating those terrible microwaveable things I used to eat in high school.  EW!  Actually, my mom will be watching the kids for a significant period of time one day this week and I need to make sure they have enough food to eat while I am gone.  I decided it would be fun for them to eat an allergy friendly version of the linked recipe!  The ingredients are all completely different anyway and it really won't be like they are eating pizza twice in a week.  I am taking the recipe for the cinnamon rolls I mentioned earlier and altering the dough to make it savory.  I'll add some italian seasonings and some salt then I'll fill the inside with veggie-fied pasta sauce and daiya cheese before rolling it up.  Bake and serve!  Should be pretty good!  (I'll add chopped olives, mushrooms, shallot, pepper, and greens to jarred pasta sauce)  I will also be making hummus, pre chopping vegetables for dipping, some kind of cracker, peanut butter balls, and a caramel sauce for green apples.  That way, they have plenty of food before I go and some of those things, I can take with me as well.  Win-win! 

We'll see what actually gets done this week....though I have no choice but to make the pizza rolls and the other treats for when my mom is watching my kids.  Therefore if it's a succes, I shall post the results and how to make them!  Hope you all have a great week and a wonderful St. Patrick's Day! 

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