Monday, March 26, 2012

Weekly Menu 3/25/12

Well, hello again!  I am a bit late in getting a weekly menu....or as it has been known around here for the last couple of weeks, 'great ideas for food that never actually get made!'  Sigh.  I am just not hungry.  That's pretty much it.  On top of not really being hungry, there are lots of foods that are turning me off right now.  Big announcement:  We're having another little BOY!  We're very excited to welcome another little man around here.  Though, I can truly say now that being pregnant with boys is much harder than being pregnant with girls.  I had a great experience with my daughter, after the first trimester of course.  My first son was a different story.  I was sick in more ways than one because I had not yet discovered the whole Celiac Disease thing but still, I was not into food and so many things made me sick the entire time!  This little guy seems to be doing the same thing.  I'll be 17 weeks this week and I am not feeling the second trimester buzz.  I suppose there's still hope but at least I know our little man is healthy and I'll be loving food again as soon as he's born if nothing else! ;-)  It does make finding things to eat a bit difficult though.  I'll plan everything out and, at the time, it sounds delicious.  As soon as I get the groceries home and try making gag!  I've forced myself to eat way too many things recently in order to not waste food but NO MORE I TELL YOU!  I can't stand it.  The more I force myself to eat, the worse it gets.  For now, I'll still plan things out but probably less than 7 meals that way I have room for those spur of the moment things I actually do feel like eating.  That all being is the dealio for this week:

Menu for the week of March 25, 2012:

Zucchini-carrot pancakes and roasted red-skin potatoes.  You will probably notice that these were on last week's menu.  That's because I never made them.  Most of the things if not all that we are eating this week will be from last week or the week before.  I realize that's kinda boring for you folks but I'm doing what I can.  We did actually make these tonight and they were delicious!  The kids loved them and it was a great way to sneak in some veggies.  We never have leftover pancakes around here unless I make a second batch specifically to freeze but the recipe does say she freezes leftovers successfully.  That is always good info in my book.

Black Bean Beet Burgers

Quinoa Stuffed Artichokes

Lentil Meatballs

Macaroni Bake and Garlic Bread  (this bread is wonderful, I'll slice and put garlicky fixins on it before putting under the broiler for garlic toast) ~This is one I'll make out of the leftover sauce from the experimental pizza rolls I mentioned last week.  They were ok.  My son loved them but my daughter didn't like the Italian seasoning I added to the bread so she wouldn't eat it.  My husband and I ate them but both agreed that the other pizza items we've made were much better.  The calzones would make great pizza sticks as well as pizza pockets in fun shapes for the kids so we'll stick with that.  The dough also freezes well so I usually cut a few extra in the shape of a heart for my daughter and then freeze them unbaked.  We bake them at 350 for about ten minutes when we're ready to eat them. (they're small)  It's something even grandma can come over and put in the oven for them and they'll actually eat it.  Plus, pizza in fun shapes!
With added toppings after baking!

In other news, we made a wonderful cheezecake last night!  It was pretty incredible!  I didn't add the blueberry topping because I'm lazy but it was delicious without and delicious with dairy free chocolate chips added!  This was actually my first attempt at eating vegan soy free cheesecake as well as making will NOT be my last!  We halved the recipe and froze three little individual cakes to eat throughout the week.  So adorable!

Right out of the freezer and...
onto my plate!!!  (I added some chocolate chips after the photo)

À bientôt! 

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