Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Cheezy Alfredo Sauce (vegan/gluten free)

Good morning!  I mentioned in my last post that I made one of my favorite alfredo sauces for dinner but changed the recipe quite a bit.  It was hard to figure out what to call this sauce, it's not cheesy and it's not quite alfredo but it's so delicious that I have to share!  It can be really hard when you are gluten free and dairy free to find a really good, creamy pasta sauce.  I am certainly not a chef by any means, but I do want to help other mamas or anyone with food allergies or even those just choosing to go gluten or dairy free for health.  We need to stick together in this world of processed and instant 'foods.'  Let's feed our families healthy and fabulous food that won't hurt them!  This recipe does have cashews so it is not nut free.  It is gluten, dairy, egg, meat, corn, and soy free!  I hope you love it!

I baked our sauce with partially cooked brown rice-spinach spaghetti and topped with bread crumbs.

Cheezy Alfredo Pasta Sauce

8oz of desired gluten free pasta
Optional: 1/4 to 1/2 cup crumbed pecans mixed with dried Italian herbs
1 Cup non-dairy milk (I used unsweetened almond milk)
1/3 heaping cup raw cashews
4 Tbs nutritional yeast
1 small to medium garlic clove
juice from half a lemon
1 Tbs tahini (sesame seed butter)
***2 tsp chickpea miso (I use South River Miso.  They do use barley in one of their misos but they are very careful and we have never had a reaction from their miso even at our most sensitive but use your own judgement)
1 tsp tumeric powder
3/4 tsp pink Himalayan salt (or good quality sea salt)
1/2 tsp paprika

Directions:  Cook pasta according to package directions.  If baking pasta as in the picture above, undercook by 3-5 minutes and pre-heat oven to 350.  Mix all ingredients for sauce together in blender until smooth.  Pour over pasta and heat on stove until desired thickness and temperature ~maybe 5 minutes.  If baking, place pasta in 8x8 casserole dish and pour sauce over pasta.  It will look watery but the pasta will continue to cook and absorb the sauce which will also thicken quite a bit.  Optional:  Add gluten free bread crumbs or crumbed pecans and herbs to the top of pasta/sauce mixture.  Place in pre-heated oven for 25 minutes or until pasta is done and sauce is thick and creamy! 

For optional crumb topping:  Crumb or finely chop pecans and mix with dried Italian seasoning.  Add to top of pasta dish prior to baking.  You could also use pre or homemade gluten free bread crumbs.


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