Friday, April 13, 2012

Weekly Menu 4/15/2012

Hi there!  As I am typing this, it's Wednesday.  It's been and will continue to be a rather busy week and I am trying to get everything in order for our weekly menu as well as for some future freezer cooking I'll be doing later in the pregnancy.  I love to freeze waffles, pancakes, energy bites, muffins, chilis, soups, and the occasional casserole.  Mostly though, we prefer to eat our food fresh and not everything we eat can even be frozen.  The only time this is a bummer is when it's time to have another baby and I need already made meals that I can easily throw in the oven or thaw and eat.  I have a good list of things that can be frozen for after the baby gets here but certain things, gluten free lasagna for instance, are going to be trial and error in the freezer department.  Gluten free pasta and breads can get mushy and gross if you're not careful and there is a fine line between undercooking and overcooking when it comes to gluten free freezer meals.  My plan is to have a trial freezer cooking run way before the baby so I can get some of the recipes in the freezer that I've never actually frozen before and see if they will be ok.  Bonus, I'll be tired and cranky in the third trimester heat anyway so I'll be more than happy to have a few freezer eats even before the baby arrives!  Anyway....I decided it would be a good time to make the menu for next week since I won't have time this weekend and I'll have to shop differently.  I'm DONE with recipes in any way, shape or form for the day.  My head is spinning but again, at least it's finished!

Menu for the week of April 15, 2012:

1. Carrot-Beet Bean Burgers and sweet potato fries.  If I don't feel like doing the fries when it comes time, I'll just bake the potatoes instead. 

2.  Mushroom Pizza Bites and salad.

3.  Chili.  The chili we had for Easter was insane!  We must have more, must!

4.  Pumpkin-Quinoa Breakfast Bake and......wait for it......asparagus!  I heart asparagus and so does my family so we've been eating it a lot!

5.  Sombrero Pasta Salad.  I'll make my own dressing, add cilantro and use lentils or walnut taco meat in place of ground beef.  Obviously, I will also subsitute gluten free pasta. 

6.  Collard Wraps and Chia Chili Cheese Dip ~it's been toooooo long!  YUM!

7.  Megan's Falafel's 

Hopefully, all will be well with our dinners this week and yours as well!


  1. MY falafels? I'm Honored! I must have missed the original post :) Hmm...I think you've made them more than I have!

  2. I love them! That's what we have always called them! ;-)