As of April 2011, this is a new tab so I will fill and organize it better as I add more recipes to the blog.  Until then.....

*All recipes are gluten free and vegan (with the exception of raw honey in a few recipes) unless otherwise noted.  However, please check your ingredients to ensure the gluten free and/or vegan status.

Raw Foods:
Raw Cheeze Sauce

No Bake Cookies

Chocolate Pudding

Dairy Free Chocolate Chips

Chocolate Banana Shake

Chocolate Cherry Bomb

Smooth Mama  (a recipe from Raw Food Detox Diet)

Green Juice (made with a juicer)

Pina Colada Recovery Smoothie

Chocolate Peanut Butter Milkshake

Gingerbread French Toast

Baked Breakfast Potatoes

Marinated A&E Salad (Optional goat cheese)

Linguini with Broiled Eggplant and Artichoke Sauce (Canyon Ranch recipe)

Pasta Bravo!

Baked Chickpea Breaded Eggplant

Roasted Red Pepper and Marinated Artichokes

Sesame Green Beans

Salsa Al Pomodoro Maccheroni (Optional goat cheese)

Pumpkin-Tomato Soup

Chickpea Corn Chili

Vegan Creamy Tomato Soup

Cheezy Alfredo Pasta Sauce

Mud Cake

Sweet Potato Chips